HJ Global News (July 27, 2019)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we over:

1. True Parents

  • Chungcheong Region 2019 Hyo Jeong True Family Hope Festival / KLC 2019 Chungcheong Region True Family Hope Conference / Korean and Japanese Parliamentarians Meeting and Press Conference / 2019 Chungcheong Region Hyo Jeong True Family Hope Festival Victory Celebration

2. World News

  • Heavenly Messiah activities (Nepal: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing /Subregion 4 and 5 of Heavenly Central and South America: UPF, Central America and the Caribbean ILC / Taiwan: Special Presentation on the Cheonbo Providence and a Determination-Raising Event for a Hopeful March Forward Rally)
  • Peace Movement (Cote d’Ivoire: Prayer and Seonghwa Memorial for Civil War Casualties)
  • Youth Activities (Heavenly Japan: 2019 Summer Seonghwa Students’ Special Workshop, Junior Top Gun-Japan Opening Ceremony)
  • FFWPU News (Heavenly Korea: Fourth Class of Hyo Jeong Academia / HJ Cheonju Cheonbo Training Center: The 1,482nd Hyo Jeong Cheonbo Workshop / Ecuador: HJ Cheonju Cheonbo Training Center Branch Hyo Jeong Cheonbo Workshop)

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