France: Family Festival for Peace – Blessing Ceremony

By Yves Massey, FFWPU France

On June 30, 2019, 57 members of the Paris area and guests came together at the Paris Education Center, Espace Barrault, for a Family Festival for Peace.

The first part of the festival was filled with songs offered by our New Hope Choir and a lecture about the Principle explaining the value of the Blessing and acknowledging our True Parents’ role. Among the guests, there was an Evangelical pastor, from St Denis, near Paris, Reverend Kobanghe, and a longtime friend of our Family Federation, Theodore Ndong; both came alone because their wives were travelling and could not be there that day. They participated in the ceremony with the picture of their wives in their mobile phones, modern life making everything possible instantly! A third couple also participated, the Bavons, who are both involved in the ministry of another Evangelical church in the north of Paris (they came with a young lady, Naomy, next to Jean-François Moulinet in the picture above, who is a member of their congregation and interested in the matching!).

The second part of the event was the blessing ceremony itself, which was conducted by Nelly and Patrice Huard, a successful tribal messiah couple who have worked in the Philippines and Benin.

A complete ceremony was held, ending with a joyful indemnity stick ceremony! Right after, deeply inspired by Nelly and Patrice, the Bavons pledged to immediately begin the forty days separation period! We had more songs and sharing after that, and it all ended with Pastor Kobanghe singing with the choir and all the assembly joyfully dancing!

Many sisters were working in the kitchen and after the entertainment we shared some delicious food and interesting conversations for a long time in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and though we were hoping for more candidates for the Blessing it was a good breakthrough. We will continue to work with both churches, and we will emphasize visiting and giving testimonies to more religious associations and churches in our tribal messiah activities. It seems that True Mother is inspiring us to follow such a path, as it is true that we are in a time when many religious leaders are prepared.

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