European 14 Day DP Workshop

By Martine Masner, FFWPU Europe

Over 40 participants gathered to study Divine Principle and its application during the European 14 Day DP workshop in Austria.

From the very beginning, the participants were very enthusiastic to study the Principle of Creation and the nature of our HP, given by the very heartistic lecturer Ashley Crosthwaite. On the third day we studied the whole day the Human Fall and how God’s heart was broken.

Mr. Rainer Fuchs went into the Mission of the Messiah and the Principle of Restoration, and we continued on to study God’s plan how to establish the foundation to receive the messiah. Jesus’ heart of desperation and loneliness brought many tears to the eyes of the young people. The lecture on Moses’s course was also interesting for many participants, and they understood how one mistake can break God’s plan for all humanity. The deep understanding of the Foundation of Substance was a revelation to many of them, as they could finally understand the key to providential victory. We also had a surprise visit of Mr. In Pyo Moon and Tibor Krebsz from the European CheonBo branch, and both of them inspired our workshop participants with testimony and inspiration. Mr.

Ashley Crosthwaite continued then with the Parallels of History and the Second Coming. True Parents’ life course was a moment of great reflection for everybody and some participants understood for the first time the true mission of True Parents as new Adam and Eve and their difficult restoration course.

During the lectures, there was lots of internal guidance that helped the participants to apply DP in their own life. There was also time for deep reflection, repentance and writing a letter to God, to express gratitude.

On Day 8 we had a Challenge Day, where everybody could experience their limitation and overcome it by accomplishing various tasks on stations throughout the local forest and finishing up at the “Holy Rock” church above the workshop site. It is a pilgrimage site, where generations of Christians offered sincere devotion.

One day was focusing on living for the sake of others, whereby we did a service project around our Gaflenz property with cleaning and gardening.

Daily, in the afternoon, there was enjoyment with sports, swimming in the nearby river, beautiful walks in the Austrian nature, team sharing and in the evening movie and game night.

Dr. Michael Balcomb came to visit us on the last day and gave as a fiery Call to Action. He also deeply explained, how things could have been different after the Fall, if only Adam and Eve could have said Sorry to God. Later, around the campfire, Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb shared how she had met God in her life.

On the last day we had the graduation ceremony. In these two weeks they created an atmosphere of being one family. Participants received their certificates and it all ended with a very exciting family evening prepared with lots of fun.


“I feel that I gained so much and the people that I met here are truly amazing. It’s sad that everything is becoming a memory now. “ Mario, Cyprus

“This workshop was one of the best decisions of my life! “ Wiktoria, Poland

“I realized we are all in this together, every one of us has a unique role in making this world a better place. “ Andy, Austria

“I think for me the songs were the most inspiring, they gave me a different perspective on things: Where there is hatred let me bring your love. “ Pavel, Switzerland

“When I was praying outside, by the camp fire, God gave me a warm feeling and I remembered that He is there, cares and loves us all!“ Anonym

“I enjoyed everything, I felt like i have a second family! I’d prefer to be in this workshop for at least one month.“ Domonkos, Hungary

“If there is something that I learned, it is to never give up, even when you can’t see any progress immediately. This workshop reminded me of my true identity as God’s child and really inspired me and encouraged me to apply principles and care for others in my daily life.“ Marie, Czech Republic

“This workshop was really good, because I knew already from the beginning, that we all came for the same purpose to study the Divine Principal and we could talk a lot about it.“ Anonym

“I realized that the DP is like love. Uncle Ashley said on the first day, that True Love is never ending, it gets deeper and wider. “ Anna, Czech Republic

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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