DR Congo: Seminars for the Youth

Prepared by CARP DR Congo

On 35th anniversary of CARP DR Congo, we organized conferences and seminars in several cities including the capital KINSHASA, MATADI, LUBUMBASHI, GOMA and RUTSHURU with the theme Building a new CARP image in R.D. Congo.

To this end, several members, former members and head of the CARP took part and these were moments of recollection, joy and entertainment.

President of CARP DR Congo, Dr. Wansu Mapong re-emphasized on True Mother’s vision for young people and for the CARP especially to be the true filial sons and daughters of our heavenly parents and spread the truth and the word of purity and popularizing character education on campuses.

During this time, three people received awards from the best CARP members and one person received a photo challenge award.

A clean environment for all

On June 29, 2019, the Young Missionaries of the FFWPU DR Congo launched an awareness campaign on environmental cleanliness for all. Our aim was to prepare a good environment for the witnessing and fight against insalubrity and protect the population against any illness.

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