Dominican Republic: Character Education Workshop

Prepared by YSP Dominican republic

On July 4-7, 2019, we conducted a 4-day Character Education Workshop for some potential Youth Leaders. There were 21 young generation who participated in this workshop including one youth leader from Santiago, a youth leader from Moca, a youth Leader from Boca Chica, a youth leader form Santo Domingo and Top Gun Missionaries from Japan.  The purpose of this workshop was to educate these young potential future leaders to become a contributor of Peace by having a clear understanding about their lives and purpose.

On the first day, we focused on Service for Peace by developing the way at Piedra Blanca. The Participants get the rocks from the river and cover all the bad parts of the way to make it better. Second day and third were the highlight of the education. Lic. Bernardo Cruz, National Leader of Dominican Republic gave a lecture about Pure Love and character education. He emphasizes the differences between True Love and false love as well as the formula course to develop our character. Rev. Takashi Kono gave a powerful lecture about establishing an ideal family. He focused on the value of Purity before marriage followed by the brief explanation of blessing. There were three YSP Youth Leaders who gave lectures about Culture, Self-Love and Setting Boundaries. This was followed by the question and answer as well as group discussion. Everyone were very emotional about the lecture as they related themselves with the lectures.  

On the last days, we had games, playing at the river and movie. The workshop was concluded by cleaning the area and writing reflection. This workshop gave the participants a clear vision about themselves and how to manage in every situation. Moreover, everyone was very happy to be part of this workshop as they received a lot of wisdom and realization and they were excited to go out and face the world with a better and more matured understanding on how they should handle themselves to create a peaceful and better environment.

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