Dominican Republic: Character Education Seminar

By Miho Okazaki, WFWP Dominican Republic

On July 20, 2019, at 10:00 am at the salon of the Family Federation, Women’s Federation for World Peace and psychology teacher’s foundation, “Fundacion psicologos por la Paz”, co-sponsored a seminar on character education. This is the second seminar We have co-hosted with this group since we met the president of this group at last year’s GWPN conference. This time, there were a total of 80 participants, including about 60 psychology teachers, guests and WFWP members. The lecturer has been involved in the character education program for a long time, two professors from the national university, one from the women’s federation lecturer, and one from the group of psychologists gave lectures.

The first lecture was given by the President of the Psychology Group, entitled “Agreement for Peace”. Later, Professor Rafael Reyes of the National University, which promotes character education, talked about his experiences in the form of introducing character education. While teaching a physical education department, while looking for physically trained students, how to grow internally and while exploring a method, character education through the women’s federation president It seems that he met. After that, with this content, he is working for the introduction of the educational curriculum of students of the physical education department of the National University, attached high schools, general high schools, and students who major in pedagogy in Cuba overseas. There was an introduction of the teaching materials, and many participants were interested.

And another professor of the university, Clara Benedicto, gave a lecture entitled “Human Development and Character Education”. Human beings need to be educated as soon as they are born, home education is more important than school education, and mothers talk at home that children have to teach their families what they need in the growth phase.

Then, another instructor from the group of psychology teachers, Mr. Rocio Ventura, gave a lecture on the subject “Emotional Intelligence”. Finally, Cesar Regalado of the Women’s Federation lecturer gave a lecture on “character education and value” and “character education and virtue”. In the middle, Mrs. Sonia Turpo, a member of the Women’s Federation, gave the report of her activities, she is practicing character education in a public high school. All the participants listened to the lecture eagerly until the end, despite the schedule of the whole.

As for the impression of the participant, “I want to teach this contents in o other areas”, “I am not majoring in psychology, but I was invited by the aunt and it was very useful”, “I want to do it again”, “I want to do this seminar as couple” etc. positive impressions were expressed one after another, such as whether or not it would be better if the couple would join.

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