Cameroon: 21-Day Hyojeong Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU & YSP Cameroon

A 21 day seminar for youths of 12 to 16 years was organized in Yaoundé from the 1st to the 21st of July 2019 at the national headquarters of the Unification Movement in Cameroon. It was co-organized by FFWPU and YSP Cameroon. There were 33 participants amongst which were 12 boys and 21 girls among them were 2 former Top Gun participants (NJUH MVO FABRICE and JIN-HEE ONDOUA AMELIA EDWIN) who acted as coordinators during the seminar. The theme of the seminar was “Inheriting the Heart of Hyojeong.” The seminar had as goal to raise the level of understanding and heart of the youths in the Divine Principle and filial attendance to True Parents and develop the heart of mission.

The chapters and topics were distributed amongst 6 lecturers, Mr. GEORGE NDODE, Mrs. LAU ASONG, Pastor RODRIGUE TCHEUTCHOUA, Mr. NCHIA KAMRAN, Mr. BEKUIKE JONALUS and Mrs. RACHEL VAN IERSEL, with each taking a full day or half day. Also the kitchen was handled by the wife of the pastor of Yaoundé assisted by the wife of the Vice President who handled the finance. Also the mothers took turns to help in preparing food for the seminarians.

The majority of the seminarians arrived on Sunday the 1st of July and some arrived the next day. Each day began with HDH at 5:00 a.m. followed by sports for 15 mins, house chores, clean up and breakfast before starting the daily lectures at 8:00 a.m. They were divided into 4 groups each having a group leader who led them for house chores and later on fundraising and witnessing. There were two coordinators who are former Top gun participants. They assisted the seminarians with discipline and arts and culture activities. They had 3 meals a day and in the evening they each had to write a daily reflection and submit to the staff before going to bed after evening prayers. At the start of the seminar they were presented the rules to be respected throughout the seminar by all the seminarians. At the end they were each evaluated taking into account their understanding of the Divine Principle, YSP Four Family loves Curriculum, Fundraising practice, witnessing practice and Discipline.

The seminar was divided into 2 parts: The first two weeks was Divine Principle Lectures, TP Biography and YSP Four Family loves Curriculum lectures each weekend. Here the focus was on raising their understanding of the Divine Principle as it applies to their daily life and age group. True Father’s Autobiography and True Mother’s biography helped them to develop deeper understanding of True Parents  life  and mission.  YSP  Four Family loves  Curriculum  helped  them  to develop the  heart   of Hyojeong. The third week was Fundraising, witnessing, DP teaching practise and lectures on the Four Family loves Curriculum. The focus here was to train the seminarians on how to teach the Divine Principle and to select potential youths to raise up as future Divine Principle lecturers representing the FFWPU. Also, to enable them experience the heart of fundraising and witnessing, to develop a filial heart, team spirit and sense of ownership of the providence while learning to be vertically aligned centered on a team leader/ hierarchy. Also, every evening, they had opportunity to express their talents through “Talent Show Hour.” They practiced songs and danced together and this helped to keep their spirits high. They were guided here by JIN-HEE ONDOUA AMELIA EDWIN, who had attended Top Gun 2017 and HYOJEONG musical performance during TP Birthday anniversary in 2019. She taught them the Hyojeong dance which she learned in Korea and they also together developed Cameroonian Traditional dance in the spirit and image of Hyojeong.

The seminar concluded on Sunday the 21st of July 2019 with the Sunday service. They were all handed certificates of participation signed both by the Director of Education Department and President of YSP Cameroon in which their grades were indicated according to the 5 areas mentioned above. They all had excellent performance and this was due to the discipline and high level of enthusiasm and also their love and respect True Parents and cooperation with the staff. During the closing Ceremony, the 5 group leaders were given the floor to express their impressions about the seminar. They did wonderful performances during the closing ceremony which expressed in a nutshell how much their hearts were developed during the seminar. Centered on YSP, and on the foundation of this workshop, the HYOJEONG MUSICAL and DANCE GROUP of Cameroon has been born. A group photo was taken with all the staff. They shared a common meal, received advice from the Staff of the workshop. But before they parted ways to their homes, they joined in a Night Vigil which saw the participation of all the seminarians, the Vice President (YSP president), the Staff of the workshop and the mothers who assisted in the cooking during the seminar. In the morning they did a video recording of their various Hyojeong talent performances and handed to the Vice President as their offering of gratitude for the 21 day workshop.

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