Brazil: Unificationism Overview Workshop

Prepared by UPF Brazil

From July 4 to 7, 2019, 35 peace ambassadors gathered at the Sorocaba Athletic Club Headquarters to attend a Divine Principle workshop, hosted by Dr. Simão Ferabolli, Pr. Nivaldo Alves dos Santos, Pr. Inowan Almeida, Dr. Cesar Zaduski and the National Leader President Koichi Sasaki and his wife Ms. Onnan. The guests came from the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Brasilia and Goiás. The MC of the workshop was Mrs. Elisa Ferreira.

The lectures presented were the Principles of Creation, the Fall of Man, the Mission of the Messiah, the introduction to the Second Part of the Divine Principle, with the work of God in the families of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

After the historical parallel, the conference on the Second Coming was presented. After that, an overview of the CAUSA – The Victory over Communism and testimony of Mrs. Onan – was presented on the victory in the marriage experience, and President Koichi spoke on the True Family Movement.For closing, the words were given by Rev. Dong Mo Shin, the president of UPF of South America.

Behind the scenes of the workshop, a serious and continuous prayerful condition for the success of the workshop was organized.

There were many questions as the conferences advanced, but by the end of the workshop, it was unanimous that they had received new and surprising information.

The testimony of Mrs. Onan Sasaki about her relationship with her husband, being Korean and Japanese, the difficulties that passed and surpassed, touched all the participants.

The President of UPF South America, spoke about about the great victories of the True Father with world leaders, especially American presidents, Gorbachev, Kim Il Sung, etc. greatly impressed the participants by the True Parents’ ability to change the opinions of these leaders and to avoid World War III.


The two most shocking and painful lectures for the participants were the Fall of Man and the Death of Jesus.      

All Ambassadors of Peace were determined to study more and develop into the content presented. They were encouraged to work for the culture of peace in Brazil and in the world.

A Japanese guest cried a lot and apologized to Mrs. Onan for the sufferings inflicted by her ancestors on Mrs. Onan’s ancestors.

They also suggested continuing these deepening vision conferences and organizing this content to pass it on to society, especially in schools, using watts up system.

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