Brazil: Peace Ambassadors’ Meeting


Prepared by UPF Brazil

The event held by UPF took place in the City Hall of Curitiba through the Councilor Oscalino de Melo with the theme Building partnerships for the establishment of a culture of peace and sustainable development. We had 135 participants. The table was composed by the following names: Councilman Oscalino do Povo, Chairman of the Board. Dr. Neudir Simão Ferrabolli, Deputy Delegate Rubens Recalcatti, Councilman Bruno Pessutti.

The main lecture on UPF and its activities was presented by Dr. Neudir Simão Ferrabolli. We had four musical performances by Mrs. Elaine Micherino. As MC Pastora Célia Regina Zaduski, president of FFWPU in Paraná.

The event took place with the collaboration of the peace ambassadors in the nomination of the candidates and the announcement of the event. The atmosphere was in a real climate of peace because of the interest of all the listeners.

During the event, we nominated 17 new Amassers for Peace. The people who received the certificate of Peace Ambassadors, were very happy and grateful for the moment, there were several communication professionals recording the event.

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