Brazil: HJ National Cultural Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On June 23, 2019, the first Hyo Jeong Cultural Festival National level took place filling the hall with more than 800 people from all over the country, gathered to honor the seven presentations that represented seven different states. The first three places of the competition were occupied by Minas Gerais, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul respectively.

The purpose of the Hyo Jeong Festival is to create a space and environment that instills in young people the search for a deeper heart of gratitude and filial piety. The Korean word “HYO” means “pity” while “JEONG” translates as “deep feeling and heart.” The oriental characters that represent the expression are difficult to translate because of their dense meaning, but can be synthesized as a lifestyle based on the culture of the heart. In the name of seeing society as a family from the same source, the festival develops as a celebration of this understanding and from the heart of living for the good of others in an attempt to understand their original value.

The events had, in their programming, the words of the Rev. Kwun Il Sung, emissary for Youth of Latin America, President of Subregion 1 of Latin America, Pres. Koichi Sasaki, of the President of YSP – Brazil, institution that organizes the event, Pres. Samuel Ota Linhares, as well as invited artistic presentations that were not part of the competition. The panel of judges was composed of artistic judges and technicians of varied professions as photographer, musician, conductor and teacher of arts and dance. Their evaluations followed the criteria pre-announced by the edict available on the YSP website and considered from the degree of difficulty to the creativity of each presentation before assigning a note. In the first national edition, the gold medal was won by Hannah Modise who sang “Open Arms” of Journey, the second place was with the group Ohana who danced the Shine and Keguri songs of the Pentagon group while third place was in the hands of Miguel Oliveira who sang and played a mix of three songs, among them: “Never Enoguh” by Greatest Show.

The Hyo Jeong Festival aims to instill a culture of the heart, developed in a lively and relaxed, in a climate of fraternization regardless of the competition or its results. All the contestants received medals of participation and, thus, the festival finished with all singing and dancing together songs of Hyo Jeong.

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