Benin: Nomination of New Ambassadors for Peace

Prepared by WFWP Benin

We in collaboration with the Portal of African Women (PFA) of Benin hold a seminar to educate and nominate PFA women as Peace Ambassadors on June 22, 2019 at the hotel Ayelawadje 2 of Porto Novo. We had 67 participants.

The ceremony began with a speech given by the president of WFWP Benin. After that the PFA-Benin Coordinator also welcomed the participants and then gave the floor to the PFA Africa Coordinator for her welcome. After these courtesies, there was a brief presentation of the WFWP International and its activities by Miss Aïhwa Kpohinto.

At this time, Dr. Paterne Zinsou, Sub Regional Secretary of UPF Africa spoke on the five Principles of Peace. PFA presented a project of “Djigbé agricultural site” for which a fundraising was done. Artistic performances followed the fundraising and a protocol of partnership agreement between the WFWP benin and the PFA was signed. Then we had the ceremony in which we nominated 12 women from the PFA as the Peace Ambassadors.

Participants specially those who received the certificate of peace ambassador thanked WFWP Benin for this event and promised to work together for the promotion of peace and family values ​​so to be more deserving of this nomination.

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