Benin: Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Benin

We held a 2-day Hyeong CheonBo Special workshop in Lucide Palace-Godomey-Benin on June 29 to 30, 2019. We had 450 participants including members and blessed families from 6 countries (Benin, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroun).

Official participating at the event were:

  • Africa Branch President of Hyojeong Cheonbo Training Center, Rev. Chung Jin Hwa
  • Representing of Africa Group Regional President, Dr. Paterne Sosie Lin Zinsou.
  • Eugene Ahondjo, Lecturer of Africa Branch of Hyojeong Cheonbo Training Center
  • Andrico Tchaba, coordinator of Africa Branch Cheonbo Training Center
  • National Leader of Benin, Rev. Emmanuel Allognon and Mundembo.

The master of the ceremonies on the first day and the Entertainment was Woo Sung Ulrich (2nd Generation), and on the second day was Pascal DEGBEY (Director of HTM Department)

This time the second generations of Benin served at the Chanyang Team. In addition, for the entertainment the second generations from Benin and Togo prepared nice programs.

The atmosphere was elevated and all the blessed families were happy. The organization was much better than the first event. In addition, there were more education programs.

We are very grateful to True Parents and True Mother to create Regional Branches of Hyojeong Cheonbo Training.


The seminar was very special, wonderful and deep and the atmosphere was elevated. Blessed Families expressed their gratitude for True Parents grace, deep love and blessings. They feel rebirth, energy and new determination to invest themselves more strongly for the Providence. There were many testimonies and spiritual experiences.

The CheonBo event in Benin was successful and the organizer Committee is determined to hold the best HJ Cheonbo workshop in November 2019.

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