Austria: Devotions and Hiking for Peace

By Alfred Waldmann, FFWPU Austria

Aa special devotional service, organized by the FFWPU Community Klagenfurt, was held to strengthen the bonds of friendship and faith among international participants from Austria and Slovenia on July 21, 2019.

About 60 people from both countries attended the service in the Peace Chapel of Luscha Alp, located at the border between Austria and Slovenia.

The program consisted of a reading from Rev. Sun Myung Moon´s autobiography, testimonies by different representatives from the Family Federation Carinthia and other Christian groups as well as high standard musical performances surrounding the program.

Snacks were served right after the service preparing the participants for the one hour hike across the green border to a nearby Slovenian village.

The FFWPU Community Klagenfurt thanks the participants for all their contributions to make this day a big success.

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