Zambia: HyoJeong CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Zambia

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Zambia held a two-day Heavenly Africa HyoJeong CheonBo Second Tour Special Event from 15th to 16th June 2019 at Heavenly Africa HyoJeong CheonBo Training Centre in Lusaka. Around 300 members from 11 nations. These nations are Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Burundi, Lesotho, DR Congo, Kenya and the host nation Zambia. Some Members spent 2 TO 3 DAYS TO REACH Zambia by road for the event.

This event is the second Heavenly Africa Tour after the first was held from 19th to 20th of January 2019. The event is also very significant as it was the first event after the South Africa event where True Mother blessed Africa tremendously. Despite of cold weather which was a great advantage during Chanyang sessions, participants took the opportunity to warm themselves.

The opening ceremony started in the afternoon of 15th June by the MC, Soondo Mutewa, second generation member. Rev. Rudolf Faerber, Secretary General of UPF Zambia, gave the welcome remarks. In his comments, he stated on the importance this tour and encouraged members to take advantage of it as to get close to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Rev. David Isaac Phiri, FFWPU Zambia President gave a remarks. In his remarks, he thanked the HJ Cheonbo staff for giving the opportunity to Zambian members to liberate and bless their ancestors.

Afterwards, Rev. Bakary Camara, Heavenly Africa Group Chairman explained to the participants the importance of this event which is the second Tour and the first in Africa after True Mother visit in Africa this month. He concluded by saying that True Mother has liberated Africa during her visit last year January in Senegal and this year year through her visit in South Africa this month of June, Africa was showered with Blessing.

Later, by Rev. Chung Jin Hwa, Heavenly Africa HJ CheonBo Training Center Branch President gave a lecture on the importance and benefits of Ancestors Liberaion, and Blessing, the HyoJeon Cheon Won Project Video and Chanyang Yeoksa and participants watched a video presentation onHJ Cheon Won Project. Then followed by a powerful Chanyang session where many members had experiences.

After the lunch, Special Lectures about the Blessing and Hyojeong Offering Paper, the CIG house of ancestors, by Rev, Ahondjo Eugene, Lecturer at Heavenly Africa HJ CHeonBo Training Centre Branch. To conclude the first part, three Cheers of Eog Mansei conducted by Rev. David Isaac Phiri, National Leader for Zambia resounded in the hall.

On the second day, members had a morning devotion and HDH guided by Regional Group Chairman, Rev. Bakary Camara. He gave a presentation on the “Life of Faith and Blessed Life” based on True Parents words.

The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop were held guided the MC, Mr. Ackson Mwale from Blessed Family Department.  After members participated in the liberation of their ancestors, they felt a great energy and high spirit with Chanyang liberation session which lasted for sixty minutes.

Next, was a colorful Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony guided by Mr. Nicholas Chisha and officiated by Rev. and Mrs. David Isaac Phiri, FFWPU Zambia President. Afterwards, The Group Chair, Rev. Bakary gave a special remarks. In his message, encouraged blessed families to inherit True Parents efforts. Rev. Chung gave remarks on the meaning and value of the Blessing.

The Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune was held in a beautiful and exciting ceremony in presence of Heavenly Africa Group Chairman, Rev. Bakary Camara and the Heavenly Africa HJ CheonBo Training Center Branch President, Rev. Chung Jin Hwa. Memebers offered unison prayer as they poured out their hearts in intense prayers to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the fulfillment of their wishes and prayers

At the end, Mrs. Betty Banda gave a congratulatory song that lifted up everyone as she sang “You Raise Me Up”

The Second Tour event was concluded with colorful performances and dances from brothers and sisters from DR Congo, Kenya and Zambia from, a wonderful performance by Tongil Moodo, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo gave an inspiring experience of his life and with his wife Maria , they sang two beautiful songs from his hometown.

Finally, participants sang together Sarang Hae with all their heart to connect to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. This second tour was full of spiritual experiences. All the participants expressed great joy and gratitude to True Parents for this abundant blessing which was bestowed to them.


Rita Isabella, Angola: Chanyang Heals me!! Some years ago Doctors said that the headache that I have was coming from a choc I got in my childhood. But when I explained to my parents they said that nothing as such ever happened to me. As the pain was getting worse, I had started devotion and I had a dream in which I saw my head divided with a cross; and in the dream two men explained that due to my life of faith I have survived until now. I was hopeless!

A Participant: During the Chanyang, when Rev. Chung started hitting my head, I felt it so hard, that I felt dizzy. And when Chanyang was finishing I felt a heavy spirit leaving my head so strongly that I started shaking. That is really a liberation for me so my tears started flowing. I am so grateful to True Parents!!!

Daniel Chanda, Zambia: During the Chanyang of the ancestors liberation, I felt hot and my eyes was seeing my mother appearing to me. She told me about liberating her. I had paid a wish paper but she said it is not enough to liberate her. And also, when Rev. Ahondjo came all the way to hit my head, on the sound system desk, I felt dizzy a little bit and after I felt good. I realized that it is my responsibility to liberate my ancestors. I thank Heavenly Parents for all the grace!!

Tsabelo Theresa Pali, South Africa: I am so grateful that I received deliverance during the Chanyang session. I have been praying for my Husband and my son to stop smoking and drinking. I felt the right hand fingers were scratching for almost 20 Mn. I felt that God has taken place even in my body because it happened immediately I expressed my thankfulness to God. I thank God and True Parents for all the wonders going on through the liberation and blessing of our ancestors. I am determined to finish their blessing! Aju!

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