USA: Kim Burrell Encourages Christian Unity

By Robert Abendroth, FFWPU USA

On June 3, 2019, Las Vegas held another amazing and powerful prayer dinner. At the event there were 200 or more participants from many different places – members, guests of members, members of local church congregations, and others that found the event from online advertisements. The keynote speaker was Grammy nominee and renowned Gospel singer, Kim Burrell, who’s main message was on overcoming life’s obstacles, personal value , and unity in the church.

The night began with a beautiful and emotional performance of “Reckless Love” by 2nd Generation, Unification Church member, Diane Kelalu.

Then Rev. Jenkins, the national chair of the Universal Peace Federation, introduced in a powerful way, the origins of the Holy Spirit Association and described Father and Mother Moon’s life and teachings. He then gave a rousing and entertaining report about the Peace Starts With Me Rally in Los Angeles last April, and at the same time encouraged participants to be a part of the next rally and minister convocation.

Before Kim Burrell’s message, the Friends of Gospell Chior blessed the audience with two incredibly powerful and beautiful songs.

Kim Burrell began with a testimony of her own life and the incredible difficulties she faced being a big name in the entertainment industry. She overcame those difficulties by staying focused on God and her mission for God rather than worrying about the praise of men. She encouraged the audience to focus on their mission for God. She asked the audience to repeat ”I am God’s workmanship” and encouraged them to have confidence in their amazing, Godly uniqueness.  Finally, she spoke on the importance of the Unity of the Church and how to bring unity. She spoke on the hindrances of unity such as selfishness.

She said “there has got to be a paradigm shift.” A shift away from our own views to understanding God’s perspective. She said it’s going to be a shift from the old measures of church success to a focus on actually making a difference in the world around. To conclude, Ms. Burrell sang a beautiful rendition of “Let Peace Begin with Me.”

Afterwords there were remarks from TL Barrot, and FFWPUSA President, Demian Dunkley. President Dunkley gave a short yet inspiring testimony of his own and it was a great way to conclude the evening.

To watch the entirety of the evening please visit the Las Vegas Family Church Facebook page à

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