Ukraine: New season in night vigils of Blessed families

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

Already for four years, Blessed families in Ukraine, mainly in Kyiv city, regularly gather for night vigils. All families are organized in four groups; each group has certain day of week when it gathers for a vigil, which lasts from 9 pm till 1 am of the next day. Each time about 15 members living in Kyiv gather, and families living in other cities join through Internet. These meetings have several purposes.

First, this is a time of self-education when for one-hour brothers and sisters do Hoon Dok Hwe. Next one hour is dedicated to a discussing and solving various family issues. Through such open discussions families become more united. Another very important goal of night vigils is a Jeong Seong for Ukraine. Each family group is responsible for one or two witnessing centers located in other cities. There are seven cities in Ukraine with witnessing centers. During half hour members gathered for a vigil communicate with particular witnessing center in order to understand their situation, receive reports, inspire brothers and sisters working on the front line. Night vigil closes with fervent prayer for witnessing centers and for brothers and sisters.

Since June 1 night vigils opened summer season for all blessed families. Composition of four groups and vigils schedule has been changed, making a new start for education of families.

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