True Peace Magazine May 2019 Issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine team

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  1. Article One: Toward a New Unified Korea
  2. True Parents’ Messages: Reuniting with Our Brothers and Sisters in North Korea
  3. Heavenly Parent’s Difficult History
  4. We Must Reach the Beginning Point, the National Level
  5. Boldly Fulfill God’s Expectation
  6. Longing for Unification and Peace
  7. Pictorial section: PHOTO MEMORIES
  8. True family member speaks: Letters from True Grandchildren
  9. JOHN THE BAPTIST: In Support of Peace
  10. Reunification: Opportunities in and Threats to Korea’s Economy
  12. REGIONAL NEWS: A Month of Faith-Based Efforts in the DR Congo
  13. WITNESSING: A Mother’s Persistence, a Daughter’s New Faith

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