Thailand: Special Workshop on Repentance and Starting Family Life

Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

Vision 2020 is the culmination of the longtime sacrifices of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. As we are entering the year 2020, our Blessed families, 2nd Generations and all members have the chance to repent again for not attaining the expectation of our True Parents. Thanks to Mrs. Yoshie Sasaki Yong, Samonim of Asia Pacific who continually invests her love and time for all members, we deeply reflect upon our faith and standing as blessed families. Mrs. Yong conveys very clearly the heart of our True Parents and helps us understand the dreams and wishes of our HP and TPs deeply. Our blessed families can repent and start all over again so we can uphold the tradition and culture that our True Parents ask us to keep and pass on to our generations to come.

In Thailand, we have more than 400 2nd generations that we need to educate and raise. However, blessed families should take responsibility for taking care of their children. We are so fortunate that we have Dr. Yong’s family, who serves as an example. Their children are already blessed and have started their family life so we can learn from their success. Mrs. Yong strongly emphasized the inheritance of culture and tradition to all of us.

Before the workshop, we mobilized some of our blessed families to follow up inactive blessed families, and due to the collective effort and Jeongseong of our blessed families, 2nd generations and members, we had 182 people in attendance. This number is minimal but it’s a good start and we will continue to give guidance to our blessed families and members so that we can be united in providing education to all of our 2nd generations in Thailand.

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