Thailand: Relaunching of IAPD

Prepared by UPF Thailand

UPF Thailand has re-launched International Association of Peace and Development (IAPD) with the presence of representative of national level religious organization of Thailand and have seminar on the topic “The role of religious teaching in promoting family value in Thailand” on May 29, 2019. There are religious representatives, civil society leaders, scholars, youth leaders, students and ambassador for peace attended more than 100 people. This conference is also for campaign for family value as commemoration of United Nations International Day of Families 2019 which UPF is NGOs in General Consultative Status of Economic and Social Council of United Nations.

The seminar started from 5 religious leaders from Buddhism, Muslim, Hindu, Christianity and Sikh poured pure water together to represent the harmony and cooperation between major religions in Thailand to promote peace, unity and goodness for the nation. Then, Gen. Dr. Terdsak Maromme, Chairman of UPF Thailand gave opening remark. Follow by Dr.Lek Thaveetermsaku, Vice President of UPF Thailand and CIG Special Envoy gave report about the development of Interreligious Council for Peace from proclamation of Rev.Dr. Sun Myung Moon at United Nations in 2000 until development today as Interreligious Association for Peace and Development guided by founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

The seminar moderate by Maj. Gen. Ussanee Kasemsan Na Ayutthaya, Vice President of National Buddisht Organization Association of Thailand.  Representative Buddhism, Ven.Mahasompong Sonnatajitto from Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University; Representative of Islam, Imam Santi Sue-saming, Chairman of Advisor of Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand; Representative Christianity, Rev.Dr.Suraphol Boonpratham, President of the Evangelical Felowship of Thailand; Representative of Hinduism, Mr.Satit Kumar Pawa and Representative of Sikhism, Rev.Amarin Piyasajjadej, teacher of Sikh Namdharee Sakat of Thailand and Dr.Ronachit Phutthala, Chief of District in Kalasin province and Committee member of UPF Thailand are speakers.

All participants felt so inspired to understand the vision and teaching of each major religion of Thailand to promote family value. Dr.Ronachit Phutthala who is strong Buddhism who work for FFWPU for 7 years to promote sustainable community through family value teaching of Father Sun Myung Moon gave very inspiring message of how FFWPU Thailand works to promote family value and have impact to make better society.

All participants are inspired to see how religious leaders from various organizations work and support each other cooperatively as big families to promote peace in the name of IAPD. IAPD will move forward with cooperation of all religious leaders in promote peace in Thailand from spiritual and religious perspective.

UPF Thailand has launched Interreligious Council for Peace in national level on UN International Day of Peace in 2011 with the presence support of Minister of Culture and representative of religious organizations in the national level from Buddhism, Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Sikhism.  This time we relaunched Interreligious Council for Peace in the name of Interreligious Association for Peace and Development.

Great Success of Re-launching of IAPD in Commemoration of United Nations International Day of Families 2019

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