Taiwan: HJ CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

Thanks to Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ grace, especially the vice president Rev. Lee came to Taiwan on the May 31, met with True Mother in HyoJeong café and came to Taiwan with the blessing of True Mother. We can feel that this time there is a special fortune and grace at the event site. The participants are around 1515, and new guests or Rest members are around 100.

Grateful to CheonBo Won Vice president, Rev. Lee who gave the lectures about Providence of HJ Cheon Won and Cheon Bo Won. He gave a very clear presentation of latest providential information and the examples show the testimony of HyoJeong wish paper and ancestors’ liberation and blessing, so that members and new members can feel absolute good spirits’ good work.

Rev. Bang couple guided everyone with CheonBo staff members, unite into one make the event a fully success. WFWP Taiwan president, Mrs. Lily Lin, after her seonghwa on 28th of May, there are members witness her appearance during the event while she is supporting with absolute good spirits. One member’s friend participated in the event, he was inexplicably spiritually moved and want to go to the HJ CheonBo training center to visit the Holy Land and understand more. There is a member’s friend who had encountered trials in his home, and he is willing to own more confidence for Heavenly Parent and True Parents through his participation in the event. He was very active to participate and continue to pray for the family in the prayer room.

Many members dreamed of the ancestors or family members in the spiritual world and thanked to the grace of HJ CheonBo work. Members also testify that they receive the energy of full love through Chanyang session. The joy of wanting to give, love, and embrace people is full, the whole person is alive, and some people are determined to work harder to fo  witnessing! By tapping, a lot of members have improved or recovered their ailments, and the spiritual level also feels brighter and was joyful!

We hope HTM activities can combine these event together in the future. We also can cooperate with different religious group, expand it to the whole nation to make Taiwan experiences more testimonies from absolute good spirits and holy spirit.

We determine to offer the utmost result for True Mother’s great love!

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