STF Europe: Reflections from High Noon Workshop

Female 19 STF: I found this workshop very inspiring, and also useful. I appreciate the fact that these are very practical things we can apply to our lives and not even just with sex related issues. I’ve taken away practical steps to change various habits in my life as well as ways in which to support others with anything they’re dealing with. I could change my perspective of sex as well. Instead of it being a shameful awkward subject I could see it as a beautiful holy thing. I could really see so much value in it and how I look forward to an amazing future with my spouse. Actually these talks and sharing‘s gave me so much hope for my future but also for every BC I know. Because of this workshop I could make new determination to become the person I want to become for my future family.

Female 22 STF: Not so many revelations, but so grateful for the testimonies. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with my partner. It really helps to see things and feel liberated and be able to receive so much love and understanding. Through sharing I gained the most. I didn’t hear anything new content because I received some before, but it was nice reminder what steps are needed to take. Game planning helps to realize it.

Female 20 STF: I gained so much. I didn’t know that pornography was a sexual problem in blessed families. Also I watch porn and it was hard for me to except that it was a problem and that it can affect my relationship with my future spouse. The testimonies were really important part for me, because before you think that you are alone and that no one can understand you, but listening you can relate and feel understanding. I gave more importance to the blessing and I have hope that one day I’ll find my partner and can really feel loved. I have so many thoughts now about my future but I’m happy that I can give the importance that this deserves. I really like this direct topic because I know what the reality is and we have to solve this now. I’m so determined to give the best of myself to build a better world for future generations. I want to prepare myself more for becoming a good wife and mother. The sisters talk was a real open up. So many things that I never said because I was ashamed, but I could express myself and realize that there are so many people struggling the same or even worse and the importance to have people that you can count on. Thank you.

STF Male 19: Thank you for this workshop. Although I already have heard some of the content it has really been good to get some input about these topics again. This was a workshop that could give motivation for actually changing something in our lives and breaking concepts. For me personally the workshop gave me a lot to think and reflect about, how my life is at home and what is not going so well. And also some motivation in order to take the initiative to change something about that. I would tell other people that my experience was quite cool and that it is good to get some new ideas, thoughts and start talking in order to get rid of bad habits and making your life a better one. Thank you again for this workshop! Good content

STF Female 18: In this high noon days I realized how many people are struggling the same as me and I’ve kept this shadow as I believe most others in the room. And because of that I was separating myself from other people thinking I was the only dirty one having these dirty thoughts and while everyone else were pure. I was also separating from God and just blaming myself always having these flashbacks in my mind. Thinking about how God will never forgive me, but in participating in this workshop I realized God doesn’t care about past you’ve done. He cares about what kind of person I want to become and that is what I want to focus on.

STF Female 23 translated from Japanese: This is my second high noon lecture. It made me think deeply about opening my heart and to have courage. I realized I’m not the only one who has this shadow. Listening to the lecture my shadow became lighter. I want to tell my secret but I don’t know how the person, my parents, my abel will receive it. Before I tell my secret I want to know what to do if the person I’m telling to cannot receive it. If they are just going to listen to my secret and not give any recommendations for solution, I don’t want to tell. I don’t think I can tell my deepest secret. By telling my lighter secret I was hiding my deeper secret. I doubt if my Able or my mother would know what to do if they heard my shadow. I am still single. I’m thinking it’s best to just share my secret with my future spouse and resolve it together. I have experienced reporting something in the past but nothing was resolved.

STF Female 24 Translated from Japanese: This is my first time to hear Highnoon. It was very shocking at first but as I listen to testimonies and lectures I realize that this is the most important topic for UC, but the Japanese church doesn’t see this as a problem. I was shocked that porn was not just a secular problem but members problem also. How powerful Satan’s power. I am so very grateful for Highnoon workshop. I thought I was the only one that was hiding this secret, but I realize that most of us are in the same boat. I feel hope and now I feel like I can share my secret with STF members. Now I know there are many 2nd GEN struggling with this problem. I want to open up my heart and come out of the shadows and live in high noon, then I can help others 2nd GEN.

STF Male 18: Talking about the blessing and purity made me have a new point of view about it. I see it more amazing. I also could have a clear vision of who I want to become and what I have to do personally. I wanted to do everything by myself but it wasn’t really helpful. And now I realized the importance of sharing and reporting to someone. The subjects we talked about were very interesting and important. I have a better understanding of why I need to keep my purity and why it is so important. Many people don’t know those reasons and that’s why they took this topic not seriously enough. Also now I’m determined to live a life without shadows, with no secrets or lies. I’ve heard good things about High Noon and I could agree. I’ll just explain that HighNoon explains perfectly why purity is so important, how they care about this and how many of my questions were answered. I appreciate your honesty. You really live without shadows. I can feel more comfortable and understood.

STF Female 22: I want to recommend high noon to all people who struggle with pornography and masturbation before and after the blessing.

STF Female 21: I’m really grateful for you and how there are people who help others with these kind of problems that are necessary to solve. Something that I could learn was the concept of purity. How this is something that I have to work on and this never ends and how beautiful it can be. Also I realized how sharing with others is so healthy for ourselves. I want to do it more often. This was a good experience. I hope others can have this and improve or change something in their lives for the better. Thank you

STF Female 21: I felt liberated from this program. Knowing that so many of my brothers and sisters went through the same struggles gave me hope and courage to confess to my parents. How important it is to have accountability or have someone to support me and also the importance of honesty. I also realized how big of a problem this is even in our movement. Seeing my brothers and sisters suffering from this issue made me want to help my community back home and to raise their awareness of this issue. Our ignorance on this issue is causing hundreds of thousands of BCs to suffer.

STF Male 20: I heard a lot about HN program but this was the 1st time I could participate. I’m so proud because HN staff is so professional and open towards this topic. To show people 2 sides. First really messy, confusing, dirty. And 2nd, so beautiful, inspiring and giving a lot of Hope . I got energy and wisdom on my way and how much I want to invest for my siblings, my parents and my future wife. I will give my best. Thank you for giving me and others this chance.

STF Female 19: For me it was very good and new. After HN it was so much more easy to talk about these topics and struggles that I was having, because even if I knew that everyone struggled with purity, I never thought before that others were struggling the same as me, but listening to testimonies gave me the courage and to feel liberated. I could realize the importance to talk about this topic and have the right concept of purity and also that this is so related with true unity between me and my parents. I would describe as something liberated and very bright that bring a lot of peace into mind and heart.

STF Female 21:  How I would describe this experience to others? For sure something valuable that I think people need to hear. For me personally these two days were enough to change how I see love, sex and the blessing. Help me to understand how to relate with these topics throughout my life and our eyes actually want to change it for better. Thank you!

STF Male 18: I had a nice review of living the HN standard but more importantly what it means and why it’s significant for me. I also could understand how widespread these issues are and the the meaning of sex. How it is something that allows God to really come in and how Love only gets better by time. How to grow continuously when I arrive back home and to face my issues head-on. The significance of an accountability partner and always to save time. Also how little we discuss about these issues and how True Father spoke of sex so highly. Finally I could realize many things I need to work on and will work on for many years.

STF Male 21: I could have a breakthrough with myself. I messed up my life by falling. Thinking that I have no hope, but hearing all this content about purity, how yes I lost it, but I can bring it back. Looking for forgiveness and hope is possible – to go back and re-start again. Re-create my life. High Noon could give me hope. It’s powerful. Testimonies were really sincere, direct, hard to hear, but I could see how brave they are for going up in front of everyone and sharing everything even if for them it is hard. They were doing this for us. Becoming vulnerable for us. Thanks for your great investment and all your work.

STF Male 18: I begin to reflect not only on my view of love and sex but also how my views arose. One statement that stuck with me today is, “The foundation of the parent child relationship is based on the relationship between husband and wife”. I look back at how I perceive my parents relationship throughout my life and saw how that warped my concept of love just a bit. Of course I still love my parents. I really feel High Noon is guiding me back to a life of true love by redefining love at it’s root and they’re providing applicable and fundamental steps to realize this love.

STF Female 19: I definitely learned a lot from High Noon on a deeper level. I could learn a lot about sex and how this topic which is usually hidden in our movement should actually be spoken freely. Many of these topics I never touched on even between my friends, so I had a lot of misconceptions of these topics. It even led me to the wrong pathway of pornography and masturbation, however through this workshop I learned how important it is to speak on these matters among our movement, especially second generation, to educate them. It will also affect how we educate our future family. We need to live a life without shadows. A life of more transparency, to create a stronger united community, family and relationship between husband and wife. I really encourage all second GEN to receive a HN workshop so they can educate themselves properly as well as spreading this culture of high noon life to the people around them. You can change so much within our movement.

STF Female 19: It’s amazing! For me I think that this experience was what I needed and didn’t expect. For quite a while I had many questions and unclarity of what kind of life I want to live in the future and the kind of life I see myself living now. For the first time this was a real awakening into myself and a deeper understanding of things. I am the owner of my life, decisions and choices, but alone. I felt lost and out of place. I am really grateful for high noon because of the education and so many present topics that I can relate with. Anyone can make the effort in changing for the better. I learned that the things I struggle with, loneliness and lack of love are things that more people also are battling with. I could never imagine myself opening up about it, but through this experience it changed my whole point of view internally. There are so many people who need to hear about this and know that they are not alone. I am not afraid to love who I am and be true to myself. Sincerely I am so thankful for being understood and feeling love through brothers and sisters. I hope this education never stops but can progress to all of the world! Aju!!

STF Female 19; I was able to understand how amazing and beautiful sex is supposed to be. By uniting with your spouse by spirit and body you become one. You become like God fulfilling our purpose of creation. Also I really appreciated this guideline you guys provided us in the questions you gave us about things I rarely talk about or even think about. HN culture and sex is really not addressed enough. So I just want to thank you so much. I feel so much more hope now and also inspired to strive towards this heavenly love.

STF Female 18: Receiving this education open doors for me to be authentic and unashamed about taboo topics like sex and porn with the people I love. I was able to experience or realize that I am not alone and that it’s so important to talk about it. A life with shadows and secrets is really suffocating. I have so many people who I can depend on and I know who love me regardless of these mistakes. High noon has allowed me to see even more value in sexual purity and openly sharing it. I have also been able to receive practical steps and resources to deal with the bad habits I’ve dealt with in my life and how to really actualize my ideals in this high noon life that I want to live. I’m so grateful and really I feel so free with my brothers and sisters now.

STF Male 21: It was absolutely a great experience. It is my third time participating in these high noon activities and definitely each time I gained something. This time definitely made me deeply reflect about myself in many aspects, especially in my relationship with sisters. Definitely from now on I’ll take more care in my relationship with sisters

STF Male 21: I really gained a lot of guidance on how to change bad habits, not just porn or masturbation. It really motivated me to find someone to help me stay accountable for things like waking up early, eating healthy, working out and anything I need to improve. I realized how valuable the blessing is. It is not simply 2 people promising to love and live with each other. It is 2 families coming together and also 2 lines of ancestors coming together. High noon is such a great program/Organization that gives hope to many people. If you have strong desire and determination you can overcome any bad habits with the help of people around you.

STF Male 20: This was my 2nd time participating in this program. I could get a lot clearer view on purity and sex and a good plan to prepare myself for the blessing. Definitely a nice feeling of companionship, knowing that we are not alone to support each other in such an important and fundamental ceremony in our church, the blessing. More than the talks, what really impacted me is the attitude this team has in wanting to support and help our brothers and sisters all around the world! Just seeing how you talk about sex inspired me to want to experience the same! I really enjoyed the words by true parents and your experience, how you went through the struggles, overcame victoriously and decided to give a hand to others. It was a very real experience that allowed me to see purity, sex and the blessing is the best thing given to us by God and something amazing and possible with some investment. It’s a good way to prevent mistakes and take precaution to prepare. It gives hope to those who may be discouraged or alone and may not understand what a HN life means.

STF Male 21: I want to keep working on myself. But I realized that I’ll also work on myself during my relationship with my future wife. I want to practice honesty so that there won’t be any shadows in my life and in my future blessing. HN staff has helped me to not only work on myself in overcoming porn but to become a much more understanding and loving person. Grace is something I received from others and something that I can give to others. That our purity is broken after we have made a mistake is a big misconception in our movement and I believe high noon is opening up the door for the majority of our youth to substantially make a change for the better. Purity and the blessing will change the world. High noon gave me much more confidence in the power and gravity of the blessing, yeah that it will build the ideal we strive for.

STF Male 19: Through participating in this workshop I was really grateful to learn this content that can have most essential impact on my future life. I felt the importance of knowing current situation, ideal that gives us direction, and how I am going to deal with this issue of PMO habit. Being more clear about the reality and truth of sex with lectures, Q&A, and very moving testimonies was something I want to share with others. Also I realize how crucial this information is and how much the world needs to hear this. Thank you for visiting STF !!!

STF Female 19: I can say that what you guys are doing is amazing. This is something that every single person could relate to because all of our problems originally started because of the misuse of our sexual organs, but also about anything even if it is small relating to the misuse of sexuality. I got a lot out of these two days, specifically about this concept of high noon. What it means to me in my daily life and how much impact it has unconsciously on my life. That is actually what I should practice my entire life, to live without any kind of shadows is what I tried this time and I got my life so much better but also to see that every single small thing has so much impact on our lives. I see the importance of actually really talking with my parents what it means this purity, or what it means to have a blessed family that practice Heavenly sex that is fundamental for my entire Life if I really want to bring joy to God. Also to see more practically the way that we can become someone who can live without any kind of shadows.

I think one thing that I got the most is to see how I can fix and restore myself to be more conscious about the small things that are related to sexuality, even if it’s just thoughts. I just want to say thank you so much to bring this topic out because it’s something that all of us have to realize if we’re doing something wrong, but also for our future life with our spouse and our children because that is what all of us want, a high noon life without shadows. Please bring this to more people.

STF Male 22: It was really nice and I am really grateful for high noon. It was a really short time, but so much information and a lot to digest. The workshop made me think about the reality of our world today dealing with pornography, divorce etc. and how blessed we are being able to know how we can get rid of this bad stuff from our lives. It also gave me hope that no matter what mistakes I made I still can have a good happy life and blessing. And helped me think about how I can prepare myself for the future.

STF Female 19: I received HN lectures last summer, but I’m really grateful for the second chance to know and understand more of the content. This will help me to better help and comfort those struggling with these issues. Before receiving these lectures the first time, I didn’t know how prevalent porn and masturbation was in our movement or even our society. I could gain a new perspective about purity that in the past I had viewed as an egg. I find it so logical to have the topic of sex normalized between parents and children. True parents words have a new perspective and deeper meaning to me. I would describe my experience to others as eye-opening. It’s something that needs to be said for so many reasons. I would tell people it’s an experience of comfort, support and help.

STF Female 20: Personally for me it was not a very big impact the first day, but the second day was very precious for me, specifically because I’ve struggled a lot with loving myself and looking for help from other people, so learning how important this was is like receiving finally an answer from God and how I can start working on this self love, not just for me but for my future spouse and also for God’s sake. Purity for me was always something very precious and valuable, so hearing Sammy’s experiences and perspectives made me relate so much with it. One thing also that was very valuable is that I could connect this sexual relationship with God and really see it as something holy for myself and for Him.

STF Female 20: Highnoon is bringing a revolution of love to our movement. High noon is the substantiation of the revolt that all of our original hearts may have felt or are feeling. Second more personally, the beauty and importance of making not only the blessing and our sexuality a public statement but also more simply and essentially our lives, our love and lineage (especially 2nd gen) needs to be a public statement.

STF Male 23: I feel as though everything said was necessary, even if there were some things I already knew. I was able to catch a few things I didn’t know like how purity isn’t like an egg, but more like a plant. Also I was able to realize the importance of accountability and having someone to report to. Highnoon created a nice atmosphere and environment for people to share honestly because the high noon team did the same and accepts us whole heartedly.

STF Female 20: To be honest, a lot of this content I knew already, but it was a good refresher. I think with what I can resonate the most is with the testimony of Sancha. I have been myself in a very dark place and was able to get out. I was so touched how she explained restoration is coming home. I feel very much the same way!! But she was the first who can explain that so well in words. Thank you Sancha.

STF Male 21: How easily you guys opened up to us, how easily you all can connect to our hearts, how similar path you all went through was really relatable for me and made me stay the whole time comfortable. Most importantly, I had a concept of which everyone is not ready to answer all the questions that I had and I strongly thought I don’t need this kind of education for my future and blessing. I found it interesting that there is so much I have to improve especially for the blessing. I’m so much grateful that I was involved in this workshop in Glasnow. I imagine myself standing in front of people lecturing about purity and stuff like that. This really stimulates me to be a person like you guys for people and I saw great hope within High Noon.

Female 19 STF: I found this workshop very inspiring, and also useful. I appreciate the fact that these are very practical things we can apply to our lives and not even just with sex related issues. I’ve taken away practical steps to change various habits in my life as well as ways in which to support others with anything they’re dealing with. I could change my perspective of sex as well. Instead of it being a shameful & awkward subject I could see it as a beautiful holy thing. I could really see so much value in it and how I look forward to an amazing future with my spouse. Actually these talks and sharing‘s gave me so much hope for my future but also for every BC I know. Because of this workshop I could make new determination to become the person I want to become for my future family.

STF Female 18: Actually is the third time listening to High Noon and every time it’s different what I gain out of it! Maybe because I’m in different states of my life as well but I also feel you improved. Especially cool the different lectures talked and we could listen to several Testimonies makes it more dynamic and colorful. Also it’s not just teaching but when sharing partners which really helps myself to be clear in my mind. Just one thing for me personally I don’t really struggle with pornography or maybe it would also be good to mention other kind of media distracting purity. So grateful I can focus on my future blessing, my vision and how I can prepare myself if my future husband would have these kinds of problems. Thank you once again for having

STF Female 18: I’ve never been in a highNoon WS before, only purity workshops that are not really clear about anything. Being a woman I was aware of how porn influences the way we are treated, but that’s all. It was interesting to see that there is lots of different consequences. The statistics shocked me so much. It’s really sad to think that there’s so many people struggling with this demon. The greatest thing I’m caring with me after this workshop is that blessing can work out well. Now I don’t only believe in the blessing, but I believe I can be happy with it by making my spouse happy, so I can make God happy. I would say this experience was freeing; of concepts, of fears, of guilt. I would say everyone should have this. That’s why I wish for you a lot of blessings so you can spread high noon all over. Everybody needs it even if they don’t know it yet. And you guys can be sure I’ll try to do my part now that I am conscious about this. Thank you 100,000 times! I hope you can reach more and more people always. Bye

STF Male 19: I feel like through this I’ve been able to realize the real importance of not watching porn. How this act can affect my whole life and the people around me. Honestly even during this talk I thought about doing masturbation. But little by little I really want to be able to go through this change of becoming better. Even by going through the steps to find a mentor, accountability partner, and prodigy. Also talking to my parents about this matter. Throughout STF I really wanted to take this time to develop Myself so that I am able to help my siblings. Through this experience I hope others like myself can really develop this vision that they want to work towards. Definitely I feel like I’ve received a clear guideline towards destroying bad habits, but Also how that can help me reach my vision, my end goal.

STF Male 19: Through this lecture I really feel that I could reflect about my mistakes and not only that I can still live and bring hope into my life of faith. Keeping my purity is not a simple concept. Starting to grow your purity every day is not only for you. It’s preparing yourself to show your best version of you to your family without shadows. I hear about how important is being vulnerable in front of people and how much it can help if we open our hearts. We can receive so much help and support from other people.

STF Male 20: During all of my life I never talked to my parents, never shared or open my heart to them. I was always OK in front of them and I found a place to escape in my room with pornography and masturbation. For years and years this was my way to feel some kind of ecstasy and forget my problems. Even when I realized that this wasn’t giving me anything good but destroying me, I couldn’t stop by myself. Only after coming to STF I could quit and end that. After this high noon workshop I really understand the situation, but also how to overcome and redetermine myself for a new life. Now I can’t wait to put all of this into practice for my future and for my future family.

STF Female 22: One of the main points you conveyed to me was how we should ask for support. And the fact that you guys open up and put yourself in such a vulnerable position in front of us is a big part of that and gives the feeling that it’s OK to trust and it’s OK to ask for help. Which might be one of the biggest solutions towards struggles that anyone went through. Knowing that they have someone to share with, to receive education, to rely on and go in a way that will actually make us happy. Usually people have a problem and by keeping secret it just increases. This group can make an impact.

Female, 22: Was an amazing experience. I felt reassured about everything that I already believe in but never said out loud. Now I’m more sure about it, about the importance of talking about this. Even though I never had problems with that (masturbation or porn) was very important because I have siblings and friends, so I know now how I can support them even for my future children how I can deal with the subject, how it shouldn’t be taboo anymore. The blessing talk I really liked, especially because I could break through some concepts that I had. This is a program that everyone should have contact with. It was two really important days. I love how much space and time to reflect and think on our own you gave us. It is so important for us to have our own answer and really be the owner of our thoughts. Thank you so much.

Female, 19: I got so much clarity in this workshop. I realize so much through sharing about the questions that were asked. I think this program can really help and be a safe outlet for anyone that has struggled with porn and masturbation. I’m so happy that I could hear these lectures, I’ve heard them before but I appreciate the wide range of topics. I realize how much porn and masturbation can affect people with their sexuality and also families. I realize the deeper meaning behind purity and that it is a lifestyle I need to actively invest in every day for the rest of my life. Something important I gained was how I would like to approach these topics with my future family and my family right now.

Female, 18: This high noon workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended to be honest. It was very personal to me as I actually do struggle with masturbation porn ever since I was only seven years old. It was my worst secret I kept to myself for the longest time and I even struggled with it during my second year of STF which made me feel even worse as I felt I couldn’t stand strong for my first years. For a long time it was my biggest insecurity and was very self-destructive in so many different ways. Self-hatred, lack of self value, loneliness were all a by product of those impure acts. The first time I opened up about it ever so slightly was last year. So I understood that many people struggle with it. But I still feel alone because I thought that all of them overcame it while I was still relapsing over and over again. But after hearing the testimonies (especially Yigyu Uyama) I felt for the first time not alone which I’m so grateful for. Actually I am about to go into a matching process with the person who was my second year last year, whom I know very well. But I was so scared to share about my struggle. But today I took the courage to do so and I figured that he was struggling with the exact same issue. So we opened up to each other and we feel so much lighter. Now we decided to become each other’s accountability partners. Because we know we can make it together with God. Thank you for giving us the courage and strength!

Female, 20: I could realize how different purity really is from my concept of what I thought it to be, different in the best way possible. I thought and held onto the concept of purity as an egg so tightly and felt that my mistakes, choices, even fallen thoughts were tainting my purity. I really believed that these wrongdoings would lead to a permanent, irrevocable change in my purity. I was really scared of that. Feeling so afraid that instead of seeking success in my life of faith and sexual integrity, I was only avoiding what I had believed to be ‘failures’. Also I didn’t know/realize that purity isn’t merely a checklist of things to avoid, but requires consistent, whole hearted investment, that I can grow in my sexual integrity. Like Sammy, I always saw purity as something passive, that as long as I avoided sexual impurities, I would be deemed as a ‘holy’ or pure person. Here, with high noon I am so grateful because I could learn so much about purity: what it means, value and significance to us as single and blessed individuals, how to care for and grow my purity, but most importantly, knowing that I have the possibility of coming home to God, to True Parents, my parents, and myself. I felt so much reassurance, comfort, love, guidance from this workshop and I gained so much courage to report to my parents, be honest with them, love and forgive myself, and how to move on with higher hopes and healthy expectations for my life centered on God. Thank you so much, High Noon! So liberating, refreshing, reassuring.

Female, 22: For me: I can have a lovely happy blessing, now I believe in that, I know I can make that. Also, about my purity, is so much more deep that I was thinking before. Now I have hope, I can make God happy. Because I understand the way how to do that and I am not alone. I think I can say I received up again for myself, for my happiness because for a long time I’ve been torturing myself for the things I did and always thinking I need to suffer to pay that and because of this I was so scared about the blessing, like I would pass eternity suffering.

Male, 19: For the most part, everything that High Noon covered on porn, I had heard before in other workshops I had attended but everything else like how to practice purity and creating a better future for my spouse was new. I had always believed that being in a relationship before being blessed was forbidden for 2nd gen, but seeing and hearing experiences of other 2nd gen, I have a whole new perspective on dating. Honestly, I feel like this is a good way to help train 2nd gen to reject porn and illicit sexual relationships and would recommend it.

Male, 24: It was really good to talk about such topics, because normally you don’t talk about it! It should be the most purest, most valuable topic and I should feel free to talk about it. You guys are amazing. I really appreciate what you are doing! And I think it is so so so important! It kind of reminded me and gave me a new view of how precious sex is and how it is supposed to be.

Male, 20: Out of this, I could get a lot of clarity in most of the topics that were exposed (very principle-based), topics that can be hard to approach but are very relevant for our life of faith and our future. One of my biggest breakthroughs is that I could change this concept of purity (like the egg) and that it is something we have to cultivate and constantly work on. I think this experience has a lot of good content that could be very helpful and is also very dynamic, it was nice to also participate through discussions and the Q&A.

Male, 19: First of all, thank you so much for your tour in Europe. It’s really inspiring that you really put a lot of effort to help families and individuals and you do it in such a good way. It was my third time when I had possibility to hear you. First time I heard you on GTGY 2017 and since that time many things have changed. My life is better thanks to that content you shared that time. Thank you! This time in Poland was great as always and I had the possibility to make this desire to change myself even stronger. I appreciate sharings about the blessing, vision and ideal.

Female, 21: This time was actually the third time I’ve listened to High Noon’s presentation (2016 & 2017 in CP international 40 & 21 days summer workshops) but I just say that each and every time I gained and learned something new. Thinking back now I guess I could learn and realize things about myself and even my family situation the most in this year‘s presentation.The other awareness of what I have been doing for quite some time finally revealed itself as masturbation. To be honest I kept denying and avoiding the truth for a very long time. And for a long time I didn’t even know what masturbation actually means. I am really grateful that you could make me realize my situation and I only wish for many others to be able to realize the same. I can also really understand that pornography is killing a relationship. I am not watching porn but not so long ago I found out that my dad does and now I can finally understand better why my parents relationship has been the way it is for many many years and getting worse by time. Thank you so much for your work and investment, I really appreciate what you do and thank you for saving so many people’s life.

Female, 20: It’s been a really good experience, especially coming from the really closed community about these topics. I never really understood many things about love, sex, relationships… For me it was important to hear this not just for myself, but also to be able to understand my future spouse. With this workshop I was able to gain more confidence to share and be open with my future spouse about my mistakes and also to have a heart of forgiveness towards him.

Female, 19: This was my second time attending a high noon event. I feel extremely grateful for those who made this program even possible; for shining light on this sensitive, yet important topic of purity. Growing up, I felt embarrassed, even ashamed to speak of anything regarding purity or sexuality. Many times I felt ashamed of my past mistakes; feeling unworthy of experiencing love. High Noon made me realize so many things. They made me dig deeper into my issue, to trace back my past in order for me to understand the root but also to envision my ideal future. I truly respect and appreciate especially the testimonies. I feel hopeful in realizing, anyone, no matter what past, can receive grace. A bright future feels near.

Male, 23: Hi you helped me a lot to understand better how pornography can affect so much in a relationship (matching, blessing, bro & sis). Actually, I kind of already knew the effects that could influence my relationships, but I was never sure it was real or not. I was matched before, actually for a long period, because we were young and immature we always waited for the blessing in order to attend it when we could feel “ready.” Unfortunately you broke our matching a few months ago, after 3 to 4 years of matching and matching process. And during this time of my matching I had problems with masturbation and pornography, and yeah, I think it affected my relationship with her, creating in me expectation but not about sex but mostly about what porn gives to you and a person can’t (24-hour availability, porn never says no, etc.) And also this porn problem made me more selfish and more willing to have physical attraction towards my match and this was frustrating my match because I wanted to hug or hold hands and feel that physical “love”. Anyway, High Noon helped me to understand this and to really give a more pure love to my future partner and to be absolutely selfless.

Female, 23: I never thought on a deeper level what was at the root of my problem with masturbation, I knew it was wrong but not the worst, I could tell my parents that I was struggling but I didn’t reflect how it was making me feel. I’ve done many times conditions. I’m not masturbating and I was successful for long periods like one year or over three months without doing it but then it happened …and not by my hands. I felt so miserable. It started as a hug with a close friend, it got bad until I fell I lost all my value. Remember I was promising myself after that it would never happen again but after another long time it would happen again. In the back of my head I started feeling it was my fault because I didn’t masturbate and I was too needy to have that kind of pleasure that I could not avoid it happening. This is how I started masturbating regularly, not for pleasure or excitement but because of terror. Every time I felt something wrong for someone I would force myself to masturbate and finish quickly so that I would feel and remember that I am a weak person and that would prevent me from getting too close to my brother or a boy in general. I always felt it was wrong doing it but I never realized it was out of fear until today/yesterday. I never realized that my approach to my sexuality was ruining my future experience. I don’t want to bring this feeling into my blessing. I want to change this and it gives me hope that there are people that kept failing in this as I did and are still trying to get better. I want to have a better vision for my future sexual life, I want to bring a better me into my blessing, a me that is not ashamed and that is seeing still the value I have. I don’t want to be a broken egg. I really don’t want. I want to be growing, I want to move away from where I am now. I recognize now I need help and that I need to ask for it before doing mistakes, always keep the communication even if I seem to be successful for long periods.

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