Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

By Pedro & Misuzu Muruzábal, FFWPU Spain

On June 15, we have done pre-blessing in our urbanization. It was the day of the opening of the swimming pool in the neighbors community. We got the idea from another blessed family who invited their neighbors for their birthday and gave them the blessing and this testimony inspired us

So, my wife and I started HDK conditions, praying for all the families with their names and even inviting their ancestors to push their descendants to come to the blessing. We ask our daughter to prepare an invitation letter, and put it in each mailbox.

The neighbors have reacted very well, some offered to help, others wanted to bring food. Some already had their plan and could not come but congratulated us. Around 100 people gathered.

That day we had very good weather and we prepared several tables with food, holy wine and grape juice for those who do not drink alcohol, seniors and children.

Our children, daughters-in-law and members helped us and we were able to prepare for so many people.

In the opening with the microphone, we declare to be true families and to live with true love for eternity. Then we invite you to toast with the wine and holy juice.

Everyone was grateful for the initiative and to bring each other closer. The majority are large families and family supporters. We want to continue educating them.

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