Russia: Yekaterinburg Members Give Blessing at Neighborhood Fair

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Our members in Yekaterinburg used the occasion of the local summer fair in the residential complex Michurinsky (a new district of Yekaterinburg) to hold a Family Festival on June 1, 2019.

Seven couples received the Blessing. This was our first experience of not inviting people somewhere but instead going to them.

There were a lot of interesting activities at the fair—contests, flash mobs, sports, dance and vocal performances. Many people presented their own products. One of our blessed families who are closely involved in environmental issues also set up their stand. While her mother performed on the stage, the daughter told me how to recycle plastic bags.

We from the Family Federation conducted the ceremony of renewing the Marital Vow and gave people a test on the “Five Languages of Love,” distributed flyers with information, and performed an improvised scene with musical numbers and a short speech about family values.

When a couple drank the Holy Wine, our brother, who had been hiding in a tent, started playing the saxophone. Some couples said they felt like they were in a marriage registry office! We have the contact information of these couples, and our blessed families will recontact them with the results of the “Five Languages of Love” tests and as well as relationship advice.

We will continue using this format at the upcoming Sabantuy summer festival and at other public events.

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