Russia: Festival of Families Held in Bashkortostan

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

A “Day of Happy Families” festival commemorating the International Day of Families was held in the Ilishevsky District village of Verheyarkeevo in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan.

The May 11, 2019, festival was organized by FFWPU together with the Ilishevsky District branch of the State Budgetary Institution of Bashkortostan.

After social videos on the theme of the family were shown, lecturer Ilsiyar Pavlova gave a presentation on the importance of marriage and family.

Families who came to the festival were congratulated by Ramil Khaertdinov, deputy head of the administration of the Ilishevsky District for social issues, and Aigul Khabirova, head of the Ilishevsky District civil registry office.

The special guest of the festival, the religious leader Ibrahim Hazrat, spoke about family traditions and values in Islam, and Fandaliya Khanum, the head of the Ilishevsky District department of Muslim women of Russia, described the role of women in the family.

Married couples took part in the Marital Union Renewal ceremony: They asked each other for forgiveness for past grievances, shared one cup of the drink, and took part in the proclamation of the vow of love and loyalty.

The event was enhanced by performances by the participants of the event themselves: songs performed by Rafil Nasipov, Ruslan Akhunov, the Abuzarov family, little Enzhe Muslukhova and Fatkhullina Rufina. Rubin and Rosalina performed their dances, and Tatyana Nabiyeva read her own poems.

The youngest pair were Aigul and Arthur Shagutdinov; the eldest were Ramzile and Farit Khadimullin. The couple with the most children, Ruslan and Svetlana Akhunov, were given the honor of cutting the birthday cake.

For children, a separate area for games and entertainment was set up, where Guzel Nuriyeva, the chief specialist of the M. Gareev Bashkir Historical and Cultural Center, conducted classes for children on making Bashkir dolls.

The festival ended with a festive reception. Now we are planning the next event: a conference on universal values and the search for joint solutions to pressing social problems.

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