Russia: Family and Marriage Round table

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Exactly one month after holding a Family Festival in a town of Verkhneyarkeyevo in Ilishevsky District of the Russian republic of Bashkortostan, on June 11 2019, our members held a round table about family and marriage, in which district level officials took part.

Alexey and Ilsiyar Pavlov, who reside in the town of Verkhneyarkeyevo , worked together with a government official to organize the round table, which was titled “Issues of Family and Marriage and Analysis of the Demographic Situation in Ilishevsky District over the Past Five Months.”

The participants at the June 11 event included the heads of various departments of the district: the Civil Registry Office, Central Regional Hospital, social security, guardianship and trusteeship, committee on youth policy, mosque, and Department of Education. Andrey Burashnov, the leader of FFWPU for Yekaterinburg, also participated.

The deputy head of Ilishevsky District for social issues, supported our initiative to hold a round table, saying that he needed to hold a meeting on the demographic situation and proposing to combine our efforts into one event.

The round table was held in the district administration building, in a special room that is used for round table discussions. The program of the event was prepared by the Pavlovs, and the deputy head of the district sent out the invitations and led the meeting.

All the department heads gave reports on their work and introduced statistics on demographics, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, difficult teenagers and teenage pregnancies. Andrey Burashnov told about the activities of FFWPU and about the basic principles of a healthy family. Ilsiyar Pavlova’s presentation was about the family crisis and the need to actively work to overcome it, and Alexey Pavlov gave a report on the importance of introducing a course for schoolchildren on morality and preparing for a family.

The roundtable was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, which everyone enjoyed. There were many proposals for improving work with families. The deputy head for social issues stressed several times, when addressing the representative of the district department of education, to think about how to introduce a moral education course for schoolchildren.

The positive result of the roundtable was that we met with some leaders whom we had not known before; they heard about the FFWPU and our ideas and reacted well.

We also agreed to hold training for married couples from September at the “Family” Center of our friend who attended FFWPU conference in Moscow and who helped with organizing Family Festival one month ago. Organizing training for families goes in accord with republican policy to open family clubs.

Alexey and Ilsiyar Pavlov also agreed to help organize a summer camp for children, which will be held by a mosque.

We will continue to search for ways to spread God’s Word and Blessing.

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