Russia: Blessing Ceremony at Sabantuy Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On Sabantuy, a holiday celebrated by Russia’s Tatars and Bashkirs to mark the end of the spring fieldwork on June 15, 2019, Yekaterinburg brothers and sisters held a Blessing in the Mayakovsky central recreation park. Eight couples completed the first two steps.


Reflection by Lyudmila Kharisova

Brothers and sisters, my husband, Ruslan, and I want to express gratitude to everyone for their prayers and spiritual support today at Sabantuy! At that time, when we set up the tent and were preparing for the event, it was not completely clear how we would give the Blessing, but just as with fundraising, you just had to start.

Ildar Halikov’s contribution helped a lot. He and we invited couples. Our table stood next to all the events of the “Yashen” Tatar organization. I led some competitive games for families, and then we gave them the Holy Juice.

I felt the spiritual support of God. My friends came to Sabantuy and received the Blessing, although initially they were not planning to come there.

After Anya Starovoitova came to help us in the afternoon, the couples started to queue up to participate in the competitive games and receive the Blessing.

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