Russia: A Visit to Bring Blessing to Tikhvin

By Alexey Saveliev, FFWPU Russia

On June 10 and 11, six of us went to the city of Tikhvin, located 200 kilometers to the east of St. Petersburg. Those in our group were Olga Vakulinskaya, Oleg Kuzmin, Nikolay and Natalya Chuistov, my wife, Olga, and myself.

We have two main contacts there: a pastor of local Evangelical church and the head of one committee of the Public Chamber in Leningrad Region. Both of them have participated in Moscow FFWPU conferences in March and May and are willing to work with FFWPU.

Our main goals were to deepen our relationships with them and to find new influential figures there. Also we wanted to promote a strategy for a model community in the Tikhvin District and motivate local authorities to cooperate with FFWPU in solving social problems.

On June 10 we participated in the gathering with regional Public Chamber members which was dedicated to different methods of youth education. On the next day at the very beautiful Virizhitsa hotel, located outside Tikhvin, FFWPU together with the Public Chamber held a conference dedicated to family issues.

We introduced Family Festivals, five steps of the Blessing, different family educational practical programs and a youth educational program by Olga Vakulinskaya.

Two important VIPs from the Tikhvin legislative assembly participated, as well as other public leaders from Tikhvin who had been invited by the pastor of Evangelical church.

As a result, we could find some good people as potential figures to work with and we made a follow-up plan for future programs. As our next step, we will use the dates of July 7 as a city day and July 8 as family day in Russia to hold Family Festivals in Tikhvin.

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