Ninth Asia Pacific Parents Matching Convocation

Prepared by FFWPU Asia

We held ninth Asia Pacific Parents Matching Convocation on May 24 to 27, 2019 in Peace Embassy, Manila, Philippines with 100 participants including 4 leaders from International blessed family department and Korean blessed family department and 15 blessed family department leaders in Asia.

Our aim was to educate parents about the parents matching process, and enable parents to find a suitable match for their child, 1st gen matching convocation with blessed family department of Korea and Asian, make plan for new Korea – Asia matching project, learn about upgraded matching website and new matching tools, and planning and preparation for Blessing 2020.

The presentation covered the topics such as Candidates qualification, preparation and heart for the matching, Parents matching process and inheritance of True Parents’ heart and tradition through the  matching, Testimonies by parents and blessed 2nd gen and introduction of candidates by parents.


The special feature of this Parents Matching Convocation was that Mr. Motoyama and Monika from blessed family department international participated and introduced the new features of the website to parents and blessed family department leaders. They also gave a good suggestion to include a session training parents and matching supporters in the use of the matching website.

Another addition to this Parents Matching Convocation was the focus on the 1st gen matching convocation on the second day. Director Hong from Korean blessed family department introduced a new project of matching 700 Korean men to Asian sisters, mainly from the Philippines and Thailand. It was decided to ask Filipino and Thai housewives in Korea to witness to single relatives and members in the heavenly tribal messiah areas in their home country and connect them to the local church. Then the Philippines and Thailand will educate and prepare these new blessing candidates for matching with Korean men.


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