Nigeria: Special Workshop on the Interfaith Family Peace Blessing for the Clergy

Prepared by FFWPU Nigeria

We had a 2-day workshop for Christian pastors in Abuja, Nigeria on June 18 and 19, 2019 with 14 particiapnts. The purpose was to educate them to become our core group of ministers who will play a major role in HTM Blessing activities in the country. After completing the 2-day workshop, they will then go through a 7-day workshop. And when they go through the 5 steps of the blessing they will become officiators of the blessing in their own states.

Ten heads of churches (Apostles and Bishops) attended, out of whom five came with their spouses. It was a great success. The attitudes of the participants were exemplary. Everyone was enthusiastic about the content they received and expressed a great desire to share it with their churches.  On the second day, we held a Blessing ceremony which everyone participated in.

Among the leaders were Apostle & Mrs. John & Eka Okoriko, Founders of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Uyo in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. Apostle Ohoriko is a TV Pastor and a well-established household name in Akwa Ibom State. He and his wife were very inspired by the Divine Principle teaching. He said he’d actually been to one of our CAUSA Seminars in Washington DC in the 1980s.

At time of the Blessing, during Holy Wine ceremony, he was having a spiritual experience. All the while as the Holy Wine ceremony was going on, he had his face lifted to heaven. He later shared that at that moment he was asking God what to do and then the Holy Spirit ministered to him and urged him to drink the juice. When he did, he had a deep cleansing feeling from his head down. He was grateful that he could finally come around to receive the most precious thing from True Parents, which is the Blessing. They invited the HTM department to attend their monthly pastors’ conference on 1st of July in order to introduce the Blessing education. They expect having over 120 pastors in attendance.

At the end of the program we had an Action Plan discussion with the pastors who participated, on how we can work together for national restoration. Our goal was to make a strategy to bless 50 thousand couples and hold a blessing event in Nigeria by March 2020. We divided the pastors by 6 states and planned to hold 2 day workshops for 42 pastors and their wives in those 6 states during the month of July. That makes 252 couples who will become core mobilizers for the HTM Blessing project. If each of those 252 couples bless 430 couples, we will have over 108,000 couples blessed by January of 2020.

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