Nepal: HJ CheonBo Special Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

We organized a HJ Cheonbo Special Nepal Event on the 29th Day of May 2019 in the western part of Nepal, in Nepalgunj district.

We had more than 700 spiritual participants, believers and people of conscience around the district and neighborhood. 15 Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors made a good foundation during three weeks mobilization.

Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors visited their area and houses, door to door approaching people and inviting their tribe. Later during the event, we had a presentation about significance and importance of HJ Cheonbo event which was given for about 20 to 30 minutes prior to ignite the participants.

Many participants have spiritually realized during the Chanyang event and one of the Ambassador for Peace from St. Thomas College principal Dr. Chaudhary was delighted and eager to join the Ancestor Liberation in Korea. Not only that, He wants to organized HJ Cheonbo event in his premises once again.

The program was chaired by the Heavenly Asia Pacific HJ Cheonbo President, Rev. Incheon Kim and The Importance and it’s significant was given by Dr. Edgar Tanate; the presentation was laud by the audience and garnered great impact in the coming event.

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