Mongolia: Summer Camp for the Second Generations

by Erdenetsetseg Erdenee, FFWPU Mongolia

We conducted a 12-day summer camp for our blessed children from June 15 to 26, 2019. We had 15 participants. Our workshop this time included Divine Principle lectures based on 1-hour lecture material, English studies, plus HJ education about four realms of heart. We had team activities to create unity among children so that they can learn from each other.

Ourr morning Hoon dok hwe focused on the True Parents autobiography, and teaching about blessed children’s tradition.

Most of the participants wish to have more workshop often in order to learn more about True family and True Parents. They said that they have learned a lot from the Hoon dok hwe material, about True father life coursse. At the same time, they enjoyed the beauty of Heavenly Parents’ nature together with friends. We are planning to hold a 21-day divine principle workshop and summer camp next year.

Some second generations who were from Darkhan province in north of Mongolia, did not know that they are second generation. They came to know this by participating in this workshop, as they have studied clearly about True Parents and their teachings. And this helped them to know their clear identity, and they understood they are born because of True Parents.

Parents were also so inspired that their children changed a lot during this period. We are grateful and deeply thank our True parents for their unchanging love and care for all of blessed children to grow up beautifully and becomes true filial children of True parents and bring light to the world.

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