Moldova: Conference Celebrates Day of Families

By Natalia Roskot, FFWPU Moldova

May 17, 2019, was a wonderful day. True Mother spoke at a very important event in Korea, and on the same day a conference for VIPs took place in Moscow, and there was a conference in Moldova’s Anenii Noi district.

We conducted it in the district administration building. I am very happy that, at the same time as True Mother, we were on the front line at important events.

The conference was dedicated to International Day of Families. The participants were district-level VIPs. The purpose of the conference was to introduce the Family Federation and inspire VIPs to host Family Festivals at the district level.

The conference was successful by several measures:

  1. The number of participants was about 100, instead of the expected 75.
  2. V-VIPs were inspired by the festival and the idea of family clubs and expressed their desire to hold festivals.
  3. FFWPU of Moldova received several proposals from organizations and the district administration to cooperate on social issues.
  4. The spirit of the conference was good, and people were open. Many participants stated that they liked the conference.
  5. We began to negotiate with the mayor of one of the villages about the possibility of holding Family Festivals there.

At the conference there were 10 speakers, including the vice chair of the district, the secretary of the district administration, the director of the center of health, the director of social security, the vice director of education, representatives from the police, and the director of the registry office, who presented a report about the situation of the family, what difficulties there are and how they are trying to solve them.

From our side, Andrei Esanu, the chair of FFWPU Moldova, gave an inspiring presentation in which he introduced Dr. and Mrs. Moon. It was also interesting for people to learn about the activities of the Family Federation in Cambodia and Albania. Mr. Edward Taub introduced Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and inspired people with a story about his family. Sabina Nadejdin, the national leader of FFWPU, was an excellent emcee.

Our Japanese volunteers and children from the lyceum created a warm and beautiful atmosphere, singing beautiful songs, dancing and reading a poem. There was also an exhibition of children’s drawings on the topic of family and an exhibition of books about parenting.


Andrei Esanu: “I was very happy to see how a few VIPs from the conference were inspired by the words of Dr. Moon, “Family is the school of love,” saying that this is a wonderful slogan.

Behind the scenes my wife, Diana, helped a lot by preparing all the folders and other materials. Sabina did a great job as conference emcee and created a good atmosphere with wise quotes. Natalia took care of many organizational details and prepared beautiful flowers that made the conference more beautiful. And as always, I am grateful to Mr. Taub for his important financial support and for his good speech. I feel we have a strong team in Moldova.

Before the conference, I had an interesting dream with True Mother, through which I realized that True Parents would bless us and their spirit would be with us.

We feel that we are entering a new level. We will move on!”

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