Moldova: Blessed Families Expanding True Parents Love and Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

On May 22 on the occasion of village day the FFWPU Moldova joined the City-Hall of Costesti village for congratulatory celebration for the couples married for 50 + years. Beside the gifts, FFWPU Moldova held Happy Family Festival for 10 couples. Among the 10 couples, there was the couple of the Mayor of a city from Romania visiting the celebration and they accepted to be the representative couple. This cooperation between the City-Hall and the FF became possible due to the regional conference on May 15. At the end the mayor of the village expressed the desire to continue the cooperation.

On May 24, we traveled to a city 2 hours away from the capital city to hold a mobile Happy Family Festival in Balti city. We were a team of 4 people including the president of FFWPU Moldova and two Japanese missionaries.We offered 3 steps to 13 couples.

At the same day, we met the representatives of City_Hall administration and discussed possibilities of cooperation with FFWPU Moldova. And we were welcomed partially due to the many years cooperation with IRFF ONLUS Adoption project.

On May 29, we held another Japanese Culture Event. 10 guests came to it including few that are in the process of listening DP course now. It was a bright event held in the FFWPU Moldova headquarters.

On May 30, 2019 accompanied by the Japanese missionaries, FFWOU Moldova joined a celebration at the Public Library of Laloveni town and in partnership with a children poet and a school principle organized a beautiful event dedicated to the year of Family 2019 in Moldova declared by the President of Moldova. 29 school children and 8 adults participated in the event.

On Sunday, June 2, we organized a joint celebration of both True Day of All Things and Children’ Day at the headquarters. About 55 both members and guests attended it and we did also a small flash-mob by approaching people on the street and talking to them about the Children Day and giving them balloons.

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