Meeting True Father in North Korea – Part 3

Mrs. Kim In-ju was one of the very earliest members of our church and movement. She met Father for the first time in 1946 in Pyongyang. She was the aunt of Kim Won-pil (whom we sometimes think of as Father’s first disciple), whom she introduced to Father.

Father had gone to North Korea on God’s direct instruction and he was searching there for the Christian foundation that could respond to his teachings and follow him. Mrs. Kim’s testimony sheds light on those hard times, when Father was just beginning his public mission. At that time, True Mother was still a tiny child living in the countryside north of the capital city.

The following is reproduced from a testimony Mrs. Kim gave on June 22, 1983 in New York. (Parts 1 and 2 were posted over the past two weeks.)


Part 3 (final) Click here to read Part 1 or Part 2

Though I was locked in my room, I still received revelations from God. I recorded everything and passed these notes to the girl who was working in my house to give to Father. But I still wanted to see Father in person.


My family misunderstood

So when my husband and my parents were out of the house, I managed to sneak out to see Father and come back again. My mother again found out about it, but she would not do anything since she already had given up on me. So she waited until the end of the day for my husband to come back and told him, “Your wife went to that crazy place again.” And he just slapped me right in the face. As I said before my husband was a very athletic man and I am a very small woman. If you get hit in the face by a man like that, you see stars.

Thinking back, I could have lied to him, but I just could not do it when he asked me, “Did you go and see that young Moon today?” I always said yes. And he would hit me. So one day he went to the kitchen, brought back a kitchen knife and said, “Okay. Today we will make a final determination. We will end everything now. I cannot stand this anymore.”

l couldn’t pray with my eyes open, so I closed my eyes and prayed to God: “I really believe that I have so many things I must do for You, God, and for humankind.” I was praying in this way, and he swung the knife hard. But instead of hitting me, he somehow hit his nose, got a big cut and started bleeding all over his face. Of course, there was a big commotion. My parents accused me of being the cause of all the trouble.

My husband was also an expert basketball player. He would play basketball during all his free time. One day when he came home from work, I served him dinner. Then he said, “Okay, I’m finished, take away the dinner.” So I did. Everything had been on the table, but when I looked again I realized that the rice bowl wasn’t there anymore.

And as I looked around, he threw the rice bowl at me. But because I had been a good runner in school, I quickly dodged, and the whole bowl smashed into the wall.


Spiritual happenings

During the time of persecution within my family, Father knew that I was getting beaten. So every time Father sensed, “In-ju is being beaten up again,” he would assign one member to go to my house, stay outside, and start to pray for me. So when I looked outside, there was a woman standing praying for me. She was wearing a white Korean dress. And when I was being beaten, I would look outside, see her, and be very inspired. Because of that, I would never even feel the pain. Afterward, angels came to me singing holy songs and really making me feel at peace.

One day I received a revelation from God saying, “If there is an elder who is persecuting you, and doesn’t stop doing that, he or she will be paralyzed.” Since my parents were elders, I told them my revelation. But my father said, “How can you believe in a group whose God tells you that your father is going to be crippled and paralyzed?” Actually my parents did not become paralyzed. However, one elder of the church who always told my parents, “Do not send your daughter to that new group because it is evil” indeed became paralyzed and crippled.

There was also a certain woman who was another reason for my being persecuted. This was a Mrs. Do. She was my mother ‘s friend and repeatedly told her, “Your daughter will become very evil if she continues going to this place. Satan is possessing her.” She went completely blind. She went to every hospital to try to fix her sight, but without success.

Many years later, my husband heard the Divine Principle from one of the professors of his academy in Korea, and after that he came home and said, “I realize for the first time that the Unification Church is not a false church. So all our children and everybody can now attend the church.” My second daughter is now blessed with Nicholas Buscovich.


Satan’s attacks

In my personal life I went through much persecution and many difficulties, and I could withstand a lot of physical persecution and abuse. However, my first real temptation came through something material.

When you marry in Korea, they give you a golden ring. So I had received one, too. However, a lot of my friends received a diamond ring. I actually didn’t know what a diamond ring was. I thought it was just a piece of glass, not so exciting. But then Satan appeared to me saying, “If you do not follow this man Moon any more, I will give you a diamond, and many other great things.” But I realized that the happiness in my heart that I received from this man was so great. So I told Satan, “Even if you give me a diamond the size of Korea, you could not change the happiness I receive from this man. And I will never leave this man.” Satan left; he just disappeared.

But he came again and said, “This time I am going to take your life.” He had a knife and a gun. I told Satan, “Okay, just give me one chance to pray to God so I can send my spirit to Him.” Satan agreed, and I started praying. When I opened my eyes he was gone.

I woke up and saw that my pillow was wet with tears and sweat because in my dream I was praying and fighting a tremendous battle.


The Book of Life

To conclude my testimony, I’d like to share with you a very important revelation.

It was in a dream. I was going toward a mountain, and on the way I saw the tracks of a tiger. So I knew there was a tiger nearby. I was very afraid to go on. But my older sister, who had come with me, encouraged me to continue. I reached the spot where I saw a very big, white ginseng root. It touched me, and I touched it, and it said to me, “Let’s go together.” So I followed the ginseng root. We came to a very big palace and suddenly the ginseng root turned around and became a wise old man with a very white beard. He said, “In the palace there is a very precious place and I want you to take a look at it.”

When we arrived there, he said to me, “This is the Book of Life. Let’s see if your name is there. He opened the book, and there was Kim so-an-so, etc. And he said, “Your name is also here, because you witnessed to Kim Won-pil.”

And this is what I learned: Your name will be written in the Book of Life only after you have three spiritual children. That’s why Father stresses so much that we need to have three spiritual children.

It is very important that I share this with you. Because I joined the church in the early times, I went through tremendous persecution and sacrifice. I couldn’t participate in the providential merit of the age, which you are able to receive. Each of us has a cross to carry. So please persevere! If you endure, then you will receive the crown of victory from God, and your name will be written in the Book of Life.

Remember, I had an even heavier cross to carry than you and could not benefit from the time of the providence. Just have patience and continue on, even though it is difficult. Be like Joshua and Caleb. When they went to the Promised Land they never complained.

In the end, you will be victorious and your name will be written in the Book of Life.

God bless you!


Because of good people like Mrs. Kim and her nephew Kim Won-pil, Father could continue his mission and create the beginnings of our global movement. They have since passed into the heavenly realms, but their legacy of faith and perseverance in the earliest years of the providence, when they formed part of the first group of True Father’s followers, is always present for us to inherit and build on.

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