Malaysia: 8th Nationwide HyoJeong Sung Hwa Youth Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Malaysia

We held a 5-day workshop from June 4 to 8, 2019 with 80 participants at Peace embassy headquarters. This was the 8th Nationwide Workshop (since year 2013) held annually during mid-term school holidays for 2nd generations and their close friends. Victorious outcome of this workshop summarized as follows:

2nd Gen breakthrough in their witnessing effort by bringing 17 guests to attend this workshop. 63 of 2nd Gen throughout Malaysia attended this workshop and they took care of 17 guests. It was very impactful.

Four senior 2nd Gen from Thailand and one 2nd Gen from Singapore attended our Workshop to learn, to inherit and to experience themselves how to take ownership to organize a Workshop successfully by 2nd Gen.

The Workshop was fully coordinated (from planning to operation and execution) by elder 2nd Gen group (Youth Ministry). They took full ownership to develop 2nd Gen providence in Malaysia. Senior (Youth Ministry) guiding the Junior (Sung Hwa Students) and this set a good model and system for the younger group to learn and inherit.

The components of the Workshop are wholesome and comprehensive. The workshop comprised of 5 Lectures, Service Project to handicapped centre (Performance, Interactive games, visitation and donation of food and household goods), Indoor Games and Outdoor Games, Sport and Relay Games, Team Dance competition, Team Music Video making and competition, Inspiring Movie Watching, Cleaning and devotion every morning (Cleaning toilets, Hall, Dining, Kitchen etc)

Every team (4 Brothers Team and 4 Sisters Team) comprised of One Team Leader, supported by two/three Assistant Team Leaders forming a good trinity among the leaders. The leaders were trained and appointed from the Sung Hwa Students Group ranging from age 16 and above. They were trained to be leaders at such age and it was a really a good experience for them, how to take care a group of 10-12 participants, with love and care and with good bonding among them.



From a Guest (Age 15, Brother): “This was an amazing Workshop. I never learnt these contents elsewhere. It was so important to understand all this. I want to bring my younger brother to this Workshop next time”.

From a Guest (Age 15, Sister): “This is the 3rd time I joined this Workshop. It was so good. I understand how to choose true friends and avoid toxic friends. I find all the friends here are true friends. I am so happy to be here. I will surely join this workshop again next time.”

From a Guest’s Parents (Both Husband and Wife attended our Talent Performance and Award Ceremony): “The Workshop is ‘Awesome’. My son is so happy and don’t want to go back. How could my son be trained up just like them? I wish he can be automatically enrolled into your network. Please contact us again for future events. We are truly thankful to all the staffs and leaders. Good Job everyone!”

From a Team Leader (Age 23, Sister): “We truly understand True Parents teaching of True leadership with heart (Hyojeong). Only with heart, we can move and guide the people. I am happy that I can be entrusted as leader. As a leader, it looks like I am taking care the members. But, in fact, I was so inspired by the members. Our team really like a family. We share everything together. It was so great.”

From a Blessed Family (Couple): “Thank you so much for all the hardwork. Whenever we see 2nd Gen, we see hope, they are our future. Their spirits are amazing, youthful and full of positive energy !”


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