Lithuania: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

By Aram Karagezian, FFWPU Lithuania

Everything began when my wife, Roma, noticed an announcement on Facebook about an upcoming festival of large families near Vilnius. As she forwarded to me this information, my first feeling was “Nice, we can bless many families!” Later, however, many doubts and internal struggles arose, and my hands and feet started to shake.

In this uneasy state I picked up the phone and called the founder of the Large Families’ Association, which has been in existence for six years. We agreed to meet the next day, but then I had to postpone the meeting because suddenly I was called to court as a translator.

When I called a second time to make a new appointment, the founder said, “Maybe there is no point in meeting.” She revealed that she had found out that FFWPU is Rev. Moon’s organization, and she said she didn’t want anything religious or political in her festival – aside from which, her image of us was that we are a sect.

I had a feeling that everything would be destroyed in a moment if I didn’t do something, so I did my best to persuade her to meet me to discuss these issues. She agreed, and the next day we met and talked for three hours—or rather, I talked and she mostly listened.

I told her about True Parents, the Family Federation history, our Family Festivals and many other things, and expressed my readiness to help her with whatever was needed for this festival. In the end she happily accepted my proposal and promised to find a spot in the program for us to conduct our ceremony.

The program was scheduled to be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday. Our ceremony was scheduled for the end of the conference on Saturday. The speakers in the conference were a family psychologist, the head of the “Family Institute,” the founder of the “Business Mum” platform, and a consultant on family businesses.

After those serious talks, the host, Jurgita Pociene, came to the stage and said: “We have not only a body but also a spirit. Until now we have spoken a lot about external things, and now we are going to share practical things how to create a good and strong family. And for this we invite the representative from Family Federation, Aram.”

Very briefly I spoke on the importance of pure, devoted love in the family, fidelity and service, and the impact of strong families on the society and nation. As a practical guide on how to do this, I proposed that the couples in the audience take part in three symbolic ceremonies, and I explained each quite explicitly.

All 21 couples gladly participated and were very happy. I myself felt like I was on the clouds, because I saw that even though it was a small event, God and True Parents were joyful and happy, and spirit world was dancing. This was God’s real Blessing for these families, in the nature, without fancy dresses and neckties, but with immense love of God.

Big thanks to the Urbonas and Lee blessed families for their great support and help at the event.

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