Italy: Ambassador for Peace Presents his Book

Prepared by WFWP Italy

Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri, the President of the WFWP Italy, has been invited by Professor Antonio Lerario to the Press conference of the publication of his book “ONE DAY YOU WILL UNDERSTAND”, on the 25 of May. This book has been dedicated to the families today. In this occasion President Nistri delivered the Certificate of the Peace Ambassador that Professor Lerario wasn’t able to come to receive in the previous occasion.

Mr. Antonio Lerario is a teacher who has dedicated all his life and heart to the education of young people. Through expressions that are always very tidy, deep and rich of emotion, he wanted to offer us this new book that shows us the image of a typical today’s family that is economically fine indeed, but much misunderstanding between husband and wife and between parents and children bring it to a breakdown and to lose everything. This book wants to give a warning for us to be able to recognize early enough to invest ourselves in maintaining the good values in life.

Elisabetta expressed her appreciation and thanks to the author for his new creation. After she seized opportunity to present the WFWP, its objectives, and activity to the guests and the other spokesmen. She recalled the importance of the role of the women as peacemakers in the family as well as in the society. In the press conference there was also the director of the magazine named “L’attualità”. He will publish an article of this event and of the activities of WFWP in the next issue.

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