Austria: Info-Table – Experiences and Observations

By Walter Waldhäusl, FFWPU Austria

3 years ago we had the last Info- Table in Innsbruck. This one was not very inspiring and successful, so there was no motivation to repeat it.

Looking for ways in which several brother and sister together could do outreach and get to know prepared people, we came back to the idea of the Info-Table, which – if designed properly – offers many opportunities.

One of the brothers in our community very often takes care of an Info-Table from the local daily newspaper. In order to attract as many subscribers as possible, the so-called “5-A-strategy” is used. This 5-A strategy (in German language) is:

  1. Attract attention 2.Analysis – get information
  2. Analysis – get information
  3. (Angebot) Offer – what do we have to give, what can we offer?
  4. Argumentation phase – giving answers, explanations, lead the conversation
  5. (Anschluss) Conclusion – bring about a decision

That’s exactly what we wanted to use for our Info-Table.

To 1: To address both married and singles, we therefore developed

  1. a) a banner with the theme “FAMILY – Basis for a Sustainable Future”,
  2. b) a poster with the question “How does Partnership Succeed?” And a poster with a tag cloud and the question “What is Important to Me?” We left the professional design to our brother Achim from Germany.
  3. c) a video to show moving pictures as well at the Info-Table. This video includes nature photos with family and partnership slogans, the video “Make a Life That You Love,” “The Story of Love” and “The Greatest Love” (about Blessing America).

To 2: Questionnaire with 3 questions: “What is most important to you in life?”, “What is the most important for a lasting, happy partnership?” and “How important is family for you?” Declaration with the blessing promise consisting of the following points:

  • As a man and a woman, we want to love each other and be faithful forever.
  • We want to be a role model for our children and educate them to be responsible people.
  • We want to contribute to peace in society and in the world, starting with our own family.

To 3: Various leaflets and brochures on blessing, family and the organizations in the Unification Movement, an Approach Book in which the various organizations and also the Seon Hak Peace Price are presented, blessing with Holy juice and an invitation to an event the following week on a family topic which was held at our center.

To 4: Give answers, explanations. Leading the conversation in the desired direction, building relationship depending on the interests of the person/s talking to.

To 5: Aim for result: e.g. Commitment to come to the event, get contact details, accept blessing… Due to the strong presence and the clear topics at the Info-Table it was then also quite easy to approach the people, to talk to them and get to know good people.

We tested both posters with the question “How does partnership succeed?” – one with the older couple (implies an already successful partnership) and with the young couple (which still has the partnership in front of them).

We could see that the poster was more effective with the young couple, because the young people responded letter. Some people also came to the table and asked questions about the placarded topics.

Altogether we issued 40 invitations, blessed about 20 persons / couples and distributed information brochures and contact cards. We have had good discussions, good experiences and met nice people with whom we will deepen the relationship. It was a shared experience and once again reminded us that we have so much to give people what they need to increase their happiness.

It was a start and with the experience, the results will certainly increase.

Observation/Consideration: We saw a lady handing balloons to children for the mall. We also attached 2 balloons to our poster stand. A little later, a mother came and asked for a balloon for her child. That made us think about whether we should get ourselves balloons with an attractive imprint to let them float in larger numbers over the poster stand. Children would surely ask their parents to ask for a balloon for them and so “bring” the parents to our table.

Maybe an easy way to talk to the parents and get them interested?

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