Germany: Phoenix Project in Camberg

by Sarah Zimmermann, FFWPU Germany

Born out of her love and desire to help others our young sister Maike initiated with the help of the Blessed family Department-Germany a Phoenix Project weekend in Camberg.

During the months of preparation, we discovered the deep heart and great professionalism of the American team who were willing to pay their own flights to come and share the program they have developed with us in Europe.

Over 80 people participated with a good balance of both younger and older gathered for a weekend of improving our communication skills and deepening our understanding and appreciation of others, especially the “other” generation. We had a few participants from various European countries as well as our German family.

The presentations were short and to the point followed by exercises done in our table (family) groups to demonstrate and practice what we had just heard. We were moved to tears many times by the honest sharing of others which created an atmosphere of loving trust where no one felt judged.

Towards the end we met in our regional community groups to discuss how we would like to continue the work on a local level.

I think everyone was motivated to continue their efforts to have sincere, honest and simply more communication at some level be it in a relationship, within the family or community.

One participant commented that if we can create such deep connections amongst us in the space of this short weekend how much deeper we can go with people we are already close to, our families for example.

Another comment on how valuable the program was: “The pain of past experiences for both first and second generation is just going to stay in us if we don’t do something to get it out!”

I feel that the participation of all generations in a program where there is an open and trusting place for everyone to communicate and really get to know each other’s lives and way of seeing things gives great hope for the future of our movement.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and made it a great weekend!

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