France: In Defense of Family Values

By Jean-Paul Chaudy, FFWPU France

Our ambassadors for Peace in Lyon mobilized their resources to host a gathering of 100 people who came from different provinces of France to defend family values. Some participants represented the local government.

The event, which will be broadcast by a TV network online, consisted of speeches, two religious services were held simultaneously in the venue (one for Catholics, the other for Muslims) and a buffet where people socialized. Though this project was not our own initiative, we invited many of our friends and we played the key role in the practical organization, logistics, welcoming and serving the people.

Moreover, Laurent Ladouce gave a 8-minute presentation on Transhumanism from a Unificationist viewpoint.

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  1. Bravo Jean Paul Chaudy, you are really very active! It is a great success!
    Keep on going!

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