France: 3rd Life-book Workshop

By Rafael Guignard, CARP France

12 participants came together for the 3rd workshop of a series of 3 Personal Development workshop aiming to help young members to live ideal, happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling lives in all its dimensions and areas. The theme was : “Developing a meaningful and abundant career and life”. The Lifebook Structure identifies 12 key areas in our lives that we need to take care of and that need a clear vision to bring all these areas harmoniously together. The 12 categories are : 1. Health and fitness 2. Intellectual life 3. Emotional life 4. Character 5. Spirituality 6. Love relationship 7. Parenting 8. Social life 9. Career 10. Finances 11. Quality of life 12. Life Vision.

At the first WS where the participants went through the first 5 individual categories of health and fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, character and spiritual life which are the foundation of success and fulfillment in all other life categories. At the 2nd WS the participants went through the 3 relationships categories: love relationship, parenting and social life. These categories are the biggest source of happiness in life if lived on the right individual foundation but can also cause create a lot of suffering if not taken care of consciously.

Before the beginning of the program participants were invited one hour earlier to share breakfast together for bonding and connecting. The program started with everybody sharing their breakthroughs and experiences about the previous WS and their motivation in participating in this 3rd WS. Rafael Guignard then gave a short presentation on how our personal development and our relationships are the foundation for a fulfilling and abundant career and life. But also how struggling with career and finances can impact negatively our personal fulfillment and our relationships.

Every presentation contained success principles, personal experiences, examples, questions to reflect on and exercises to do right away and later at home. After individual reflection time we gathered as small groups and a big group to share about our insights, feelings and goals.

In the financial area there was a lot of wrong concepts and old beliefs that were broken to be replaced by more empowering ones. The participants could reflect on the purpose of money and set financial goals for their life. Concerning career most participants are really longing to find a career that they love and that contributes to a higher purpose. They took time to reflect on possible options for them trying for forget about “normal career” path and trying to be creative. Then we took time to reflect about our daily schedule to see how can we make everyday an amazing and beautiful day.

At the end after setting goals in each area of their lives the participants went through a powerful visualization exercise to see how they life could look life 5 years from now if they would accomplish all their goals. Many participants had the feeling to really experience it like it was happening in the present moment.

All guidance was again broadcasted live on the French Young Unificationnists community for those who couldn’t come to attend. Up to 50 members watched some part of the broadcast.

Next step of this project will be personal coaching sessions to help making substantial breakthroughs, group sharings to keep each other updated and inspired and a WS focused on personal development strategies to make all these reflections part of a daily lifestyle.

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