Fiji: Inauguration of Tong-Il Moo-Do

Prepared by TIMD Fiji

Tong-Il Moo-Do in Fiji was officially launched with the presence of Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the founder of Tong-IL Moo-Do and president of World Tong-IL Moo-Do Federation on June 1, 2019. Among the VIPs coming was the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Fiji Hon. Avhikrit Alvick Maharaj. He was also an UPF Ambassador for Peace Awardee for youth.

Mr. Sat Naranan, the chairperson of Saraswati College was appointed president of World Tong_IL Moo-Do Federation, Fiji chapter. He was also conferred by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk the rank of 6th Degree Honorary Black Belt along with Mr Santosh Neupane.

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk on his keynote address inspired the parents present and encourage all TIMD students present to become sons and daughters of filial piety to their parents, grow in character, fulfill the three goals of life and become the hope as future leaders for the sake of the nation of Fiji and the rest of world. He also emphasized the importance of the important attitude of each student of loving God, love humanity, and loving your nation of Fiji.

Hon. Maharaj gave congratulatory message and in conclusion, he promised to support the development of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Fiji. As a follow-up during my presentation about the development of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Asia Pacific, Venus Galano Agustin commented  Hon. Maharaj’s commitment to support for the development of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Fiji and invited him to visit the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) in Tanay, Philippines and witness the development of the “Zero to Hero Project” of Tong-IL Moo-Do.

There are about 30 TIMD students present and officially promoted to a higher rank and received their respective certificate of promotion. The TIMD students comes from the University of South Pacific, Saraswati College, and children of some parents residing in Suva City.

Mr. Santosh Neupane, president of FFWPU Fiji worked very hard to make this event possible and supported our 3 TIMD instructors, Master Jovy, Jayvee, and Enrico who also support Mr. Santosh to meet the standard and expectation by laying the foundation of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Fiji and expand to other nations in Oceania.

In a nutshell, we are deeply grateful for the support, guidance and encouragement of Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the regional chair of Shin Asia Pacific for his vision to expand Tong-IL Moo-Do providence in Oceania centering in Fiji and the full support of Rev. Masatate Kajikuri, the special envoy to Shin Asia Pacific for his contribution for the development of Tong-IL Moo-Do in Oceania.

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