Estonia: Baltic Blessed Family Meeting

By Olga Martinson, FFWPU Estonia

Estonian FFWPU members hosted members from Latvia and Lithuania at a Baltic family meeting.

The meeting was held on June 8 and 9 in the Estonian Peace Embassy in Tallinn. During this meeting a seminar for blessed couples was held and also an international Sunday service. The goal was to meet with members from neighboring countries and to organize programs and spend time together as a family.

The teacher of the blessed couples’ seminar was Bayarma Efremova, a family consultant who had come from Moscow. She talked about the four realms of heart, conducted a test for couples, and led them in art therapy.

In this atmosphere of trust, couples could be sincere and recognize the deep issues that block them from having more harmonious relationships with their husband or wife. Through this seminar the couples gained hope for change for the better. It helped to cure our souls.

Also through such a meeting we became closer to each other and could support each other and have common activities.

I am grateful for Bayarma’s heartistic investment and for Mr. Corley for supporting this seminar and to everybody who came to Estonia!

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