DR Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing in Maluku

By Atelier Palm Ongd

We organized a blessing of marriage ceremony for 52 couples in the commune of Maluku in Kinshasa, for Mpoyi Mpimpi Marcel family, who already blessed 409 couples in the past. So they have fulfilled their 430 couples blessing.

At the same time, we are working with number five family  and they already blessed to 108 couples. This is the Mamandi Ikono Dieudonné Family.

We these ongoing Heavenly Tribal Messiah mobilization, we wish to fulfill our responsibly and offer the Heavenly Parent and True Parents 12 Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs by the year 2020.

Our proclamation of the 4th victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah took place during the time when True Mother, the only begotten daughter of God blessed South Africa.

After the interfaith blessing festival for Peace, the 52 participants were interested in the blessing message; they took wine, and promised to respect all the blessing process. Of the 52 recently blessed couples, two couples made commitment to become a John the Baptist John” and mobilize many couples in two different provinces. We had another 20 couples who did not receive holy wine yet, they promised to participate in blessing ceremony soon.

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