DR Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo

We held a heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop and blessing event on June 2, 2019 with 100 participants. During this event 37 couples received blessing of marriage from True Parents.

God’s providence in our nation as strategic nation is taking a new turn, especially in the context of heavenly tribal messiahship, in creating the environment for witnessing.

This event was held during our special national 70 days condition to reach 120 victorious heavenly tribal messiah, who educate and bless 430 couples. For this all the members are working hard to hold blessings ceremonies in the various churches in Kinshasa.

In this event, blessed couples gave a positive impression and they promised to follow the path of True Parent because they realized that the only way to stabilize their families is to receive the blessing of marriage through True Parents.

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