Canada: Korean War Veterans Appreciation Luncheon

Prepared by UPF Canada

On June 7, in Toronto, Canada, the Korean War Veterans Appreciation Luncheon was organized by the UPF and the Gapyeong Peace Ambassadorial Council.

40 members of Gapyeong-gun Peace Ambassador attended the ceremony after visiting the monument of the Korean War Veterans of Toronto first.

The event sponsored by the Korean Veterans Association of Canada, the Korean Veterans Association of Canada, the Korean Canadian Cultural Association (KCCA), the Korean Veterans Association. We had around 100 participants who attended the event gracefully.

After welcoming remarks by Chairman of the UPF Canada, we had words by president of Korean Veteran association, Mr. Han in-hwe. And then, during lunch, Korean peace ambassadors of Gapyeong-gun, presented the medals of peace from Korea directly to the veterans who fought for Korea. In return, the Canadian charity community also gave a plaque of appreciation to the UPF of Gapyeong-gun.

Through this event, members of the Korean Veterans of Canada and the main leaders of the Korean Community once again thanked True Parents for their grace and renewed the awareness of the UPFcentered peace movement.

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