Cameroon: International Day of Families

by Rachel Van Iersel, UPF Cameroon

The International day of Families was celebrated yesterday in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon on Thursday the 30th of May 2019 in the presence of 50 participants. Among those present in the audience were very high personality of the nation; the Vice president of the Senate; Members of the parliament, Pastors, teachers, psychologist, security officers, entrepreneur, administrative officers, and UPF staff. Some came as couples.

The event started at 4:15 PM to end around 7:00 PM with Mr. Ndode George as M.C. Pastor EKWA Yem Jean Louis, from the Cycle of Divine Grace offered the opening prayer, followed by the execution of the National Anthem and the song of Peace guided by Mme Van Iersel Rachel the secretary of UPF.  She then gave a word of welcome to those present in the hall. Later, Hon. Dr. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, parliamentarian and Questor at the National Assembly, gave a Powerful speech on Family values and climate actions, expressing UPF Statement on the family and peace and also the message of the S.G. of the UN concerning climate action and biodiversity. This was followed by a musical interlude by Amelia Jin Hee Ondoua Nna.

The main presentation which focused on the blessing and change of lineage was projected and explained by Pastor Tcheutchoua Tchouawou of the Family Federation for world peace and Unification, and lastly session of question answer.  The event ended with another musical guitar performance by Amelia Jin Hee Ondoua Nna; a family picture was taken and some refreshment was given.

Most of the participants appreciated the presentation but were not so excited with the change of lineage process, as they were not prepared for that and were not expecting it as part of the program. Since the atmosphere didn’t permit, we couldn’t carry out the blessing as we had planned, so we proposed to invite them for a deeper explanation another time. But we were somehow satisfied that the message of True Parents and the need for every couple to receive the blessing was given to them.

We intend to do an individual follow up of those who participated geared towards helping them understand and receive the blessing.

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