Brazil: Ambassador for Peace Gathering

Prepared by UPF Brazil

On June 15, 2019, we held an afternoon teatime to gather Ambassadors for peace with 85 participants. The event was held at Headquarters – São Paulo and was organized by WFWP in partnership with UPF, FFWPU and YSP, to nominate new Ambassadors for Peace.

The Afternoon Tea was attended by 85 people, including Alberto Luiz da Silva – congressman of São Paulo, Maria Inês Leandro – Teacher, Ricardo Rodrigues de Mello – Teacher, Fábio Vilas Boas Pires – teacher of hearing impediment disability and among them 13 people received the title of Ambassador of Peace, among them NGO leaders for people with visual, hearing, physical disabilities, teachers and also a councilor. Participants were grateful and determined to work harder for Peace and Harmony.

We had video presentations of WFWP, UPF and YSP activities world wide which followed by a lecture on UPF by the national president.

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