Belarus: Special Divine Principle Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Belarus

On June 15-16, 2019, a special seminar was held in the Korolevo community for members and blessed families of the Belarus Unification Movement.

Igor Germanovich Rumyantsev, the head of the Education Department of the Eastern Europe region, had come from Moscow to give the lectures.

He spoke on the following topics:

  • developing a personal relationship with God and spiritual growth through daily study and practice of the Divine Principle,
  • the art of cooperation in the Era after the Coming of Heaven,
  • the importance of pure love and lineage,
  • life of faith in the blessed (God-centered) family,
  • love in the blessed family,
  • money in the blessed family.

Some of the memorable statements from the lecturer:

  • “Do all that you do as an offering to God!”
  • “In the original world, people may have different social status, but the same degree of satisfaction with life!”
  • “Witnessing means – bring a person into the world of God’s love!”

The participants noted the cheerful, spiritual atmosphere and appreciated that Igor Germanovich referred to his own personal experiences. The lectures were lively, interesting and informative, and found an emotional, heartistic response from the audience.

Everyone had the opportunity to receive personal advice from Igor Germanovich.

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