Austria: High Noon Event in Vienna

By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

The High Noon team arrived in Vienna on Friday, May 31st. The program started on Saturday, June 1st in Vienna Headquarters. 110 brothers and sisters participated, about half of them being from the elder 1st generation and half of them from the younger 2nd gen.

Participants came from all communities of the Austrian Family Federation, but also from the neighboring countries Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia.

The program started with Sancha Odgen introducing High Noon, followed by Sammy Uyama and his wife Yigyu, all of them giving their testimonies of how they struggled and overcame problems connected to fallen love. Their honesty and sincerity opened the hearts of all participants, and it set the tone of the 1-day seminar: Everybody listened with attention and with the desire to make changes in his/her own life.

Andrew Love spoke on the topic “Porn and the Three Blessings”. He explained that today children get in contact with pornography at a young age, and as they are not confident to speak with their parents, educators or pastor, pornography becomes their “educator”. Shadows leading our kids.

The book “The Addicts’ Brain” by Dr. Garry Wilson explains how pornography influences the human brain. He describes 4 stages of addiction and that it makes viewers insensitive to the pain and suffering of real people. (

The effects of pornography on intimacy are that it becomes like a 3rd person in the relationship.

David Wolfenberger, founder of “High Noon”, explained about how to start a conversation with kids about sexual behavior and pornography and how not to lead a conversation. He also advised how to respond when someone confesses his/her addictive behavior.

High Noon culture is characterized by Honesty, Grace, Accountability, Integrity. Honesty: confess your situation! It should be honest, transparent and regular! Grace: we need to learn how to give grace: “Thank you for letting me know!” and we need to learn how to receive grace.

Accountability: report regularly to your mentor! Keep your promise, and if you fail, try again. We need to consistently change our habits.

Sexual Integrity: when your ideals are in line with your behavior. Make investments/deposits in the relationship with your spouse! In the afternoon the participants divided into 2 groups: married and unmarried people.

For the married couples David Wolfenberger and his wife Mitsue gave advice of how to improve the sexual relationship within marriage, whereas the rest of the High Noon team spent time with the young people. After the lecture we had a chance to discuss several questions in small groups, which allowed us to share our ideals, experiences and insights. Towards the end of the day Sammy Uyama spoke about “Solutions and Resources”.

Confessing is essential. It is a transforming experience. Who can I share with? Parents, uncle/aunt, elder brother/elder sister. We need an accountability partner! Separate from the things that lead to addiction and replace them with healthy activities!

High Noon created the “Ascend “recovery program, and the “School of Love”: Parents can learn how to have fruitful conversations with their children about sexuality from a young age. newsletter

By attending this program, we could see how much the members of High Noon had invested in creating this program beforehand and are constantly investing. We were deeply moved by their openness and honesty, which inspired us to practise the core values of their program in our own lives and in our community: Honesty, grace, accountability and integrity!

Thank you High Noon team!


Male 26: Finally an open conversation about several issues that are going on. I am blessed and committed to have a very honest relationship with my wife but we have recently been talking to couples About intimacy and sex. People struggle with it and there is hardly any real conversation so I’m really happy about this program. Also we are very diverse group: 1st gen/2nd gen, blessed single that is a very good base for the future Thanks a lot for your courage.

Female 38: Thanks a lot for coming and taking care of our community. For bringing new hope and life to us. I am amazed by your spirit, honesty and by your love, effort and investment you have for blessed families. This is down to earth and practical way of helping blessed families. That’s why I like it.

Male 21: I was at GTGY in 2017 so when I heard about this event I immediately knew I will come. Trying to put it in words it’s an amazing thing to talk about sexuality in such a setting centered on our beliefs. As a young person I am super interested in this whole topic concerning sexuality naturally. But this need is not addressed in a healthy way, because the people you here talking about sex are the wrong ones. I hope people that follow our values don’t say so much but the desire to discuss these matters don’t disappear. High Noon is the link that was missing. You create an environment where we can talk about heal thy sexuality. It feels liberating.

Female 50: I’m really grateful for this event. I’ve never spoken with my parents about sex. I also didn’t really know how to build up an open conversation with my own children about it. Our common participation is a base now to approach this topic more naturally. Thank you again for this. This will also help to develop a relationship with my husband which is more healthy natural honest. I also under estimated the damage porn can make, thank you for your honest brave testimonies. Thanks for the Wolfenberger’s beautiful example as a couple. My realization is I hope for open conversations. I am grateful for True parents teaching. I am really sorry for not realizing it and not understanding it deeply before.

Female 35: Initially I was reluctant in participating in the seminar because I am not watching porn or masturbating. In the end it was such a great decision to come. Having children still in a very young age 8 and six who soon will be in this age where they will be exposed to porn and hyper sexuality. I could take home some great advice on how to educate or better prepare them for what will come. Thank you for your sincerity and openness! It is so good to see that finally there are people in our community who care about this. High Noon is in a sense a sexual revolution in a heavenly way! God bless you and your work!

Male 28: I appreciated a lot the honesty with which the testimonies were given. Also the lectures from Andrew Love were very interesting because of some facts and numbers he described as well as the resources he gave. Even though the program was very compact and intense I didn’t want to miss even one thing that was said. Thank you for your testimonies and your initiative

Female 17: I am really grateful that I could come today because I’ve never been to a workshop that we talked about pornography and masturbation this much. Also my parents never gave me the talk so it was really interesting and nice to hear people speaking about it and to be more specific. I have been really confused about this topic so today I have really learned a lot and also how to get help if you’re struggling.

Male 25: I could learn how important it is to have a healthy view towards sexuality and not be ashamed by it and that is so important to have more understanding for each other. And to learn how to help others who are still struggling with porn or masturbation or any other struggle connected to sexuality.

Female 19: I found this workshop very inspiring, and also useful. I appreciate the fact that these are very practical things we can apply to our lives and not even just with sex related issues. I’ve taken away practical steps to change various habits in my life as well as ways in which to support others with anything they’re dealing with. I could change my perspective of sex as well. Instead of it being a shameful awkward subject I could see it as a beautiful holy thing. I could really see so much value in it and how I look forward to an amazing future with my spouse. Actually these talks and sharing‘s gave me so much hope for my future but also for every BC I know. Because of this workshop I could make new determination to become the person I want to become for my future family.

Male 18: Talking about the blessing and purity made me have a new point of view about it. I see it more amazing. I also could have a clear vision of who I want to become and what I have to do personally. I wanted to do everything by myself but it wasn’t really helpful. And now I realized the importance of sharing and reporting to someone. The subjects we talked about were very interesting and important. I have a better understanding of why I need to keep my purity and why it is so important. Many people don’t know those reasons and that’s why they took this topic not seriously enough. Also now I’m determined to live a life without shadows, with no secrets or lies. I’ve heard good things about High Noon and I could agree. I’ll just explain that HighNoon explains perfectly why purity is so important, how they care about this and how many of my questions were answered. I appreciate your honesty. You really live without shadows. I can feel more comfortable and understood.


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